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Grubby wins AMD Challenge Black All-Star event

By - 'shagrath' -
Sep 21, 2008 02:07

ImageManuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen has won the AMD Challenge Black All-Star tournament, beating Daniel "XlorD" Spenst two to nil in the final.

AMD's All-Star event was comprised of twenty four of the finest Warcraft players from across Europe, each selected to participate by the WCG committee. The tournament format was single elimination brackets utilizing best of three matches with hardware prizes for first, second and third place.

BlizzCon qualifier dark horse Pedro Moreno "LucifroN7" Durán, quite unsurprisingly, was eliminated after only one match after being drawn against Schenkhuizen in his initial match. Samuli "elfittaja" Sihvonen, Sebastian "FuRy" Pesic and Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi were also eliminated in the first round of competition.

Polish undead player Tomasz "TeRRoR" Pilipiuk was able to out-mirror Hjalmar "DowaQ" Högberg two to one in a close set of matches in the second round of competition. In round three Pilipiuk lost to veteran Yoan "ToD" Merlo however, given the time difference between Europe and South Korea, Merlo decided to withdraw from competition and allow Pilipiuk to advance. TeRRoR was eventually eliminated by XlorD in the fourth round of competition, losing again to Alexey "Ghost" Bichkov in the third place decider match.

XlorD opted to play human during the finals on both Secret Valley and Twisted Meadows, neither or which are preferable for undead when up against orc. Grubby, as he often does, decided to utilize a FarSeer strategy on Twisted Meadows, allowing for superior scouting and a more aggressive early game than a Blademaster would allow. Grubby eventually adopted a hit-n-run strategy giving him space to set up several expansions, while scouting with Spirit Wolves made sure XlorD couldn't expand any further.

Several battles later and Grubby's scouting and economy advantage got the better of XlorD, forcing him to concede defeat.

Grubby picked up an EXPERIENCE BLACK gaming PC for first place, XlorD received a Radeon 4870X2 blk-med graphics card for finishing second, as did Ghost for coming in third.



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