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x6tence and Nihilum to BlizzCon

By Christoffer 'SolHeiM' Solheim
Sep 7, 2008 17:31

ImageThe European regional finals for the global World of Warcraft arena tournament finished today with x6tence taking first place and Nihilum placing second qualifying for the global finals at BlizzCon.

One very exciting tournament featuring the eight best World of Warcraft arena teams battled throughout the weekend with x6tence and Nihilum being the favorites. x6tence having placed second at Blizzard WWI and second at the CGS were hungry for a victory as the advantage of having home ground and the cheers of the Spanish spectators they were able to beat Nihilum 3-0 in the upper bracket.

When it came to the finals, Nihilum had the day before spent 50 euro on kebab and spent the entire evening discussing how they could beat Warrior, Warlock, Priest which x6tence used to completely decimate them in the upper bracket finals, and came in to the grand final winning the first set 3-1.

Despite losing the first set, the Spanish team of x6tence were still able to take home the victory after an amazing last round as the Warrior from x6tence, Siler and the Druid from Nihilum, Carekoala died simultaneously turning the last round into a 2v2 with Nihilum’s Warrior and Warlock vs x6tence’s Priest and Warlock. As the round turned into a 2v2 very quickly, Falcon from x6tence had more than enough mana to keep him alive as they won the last round taking home $6,000.



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