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SK WoW PvE and PvP at Games Convention

By Markus 'mackzter' Dahlgren
Aug 22, 2008 10:04

ImageThe 2008 edition of Games Convention has been going on for 2 days now and we thought we'd give you an update on whats going on with SK WoW at this great event. SK PvE are doing Live raids together with Blizzard, Steelseries and Allvatar while SK PvP are fighting for the top spots in the ESL Extreme Masters.

There are alot of things happening with the SK WoW team on this years Games Convention and we are excited to tell you about some of them!

The SK WoW PvE guild is here together with the partner Steelseries playing live from their booth every day, such as showing the new Wrath of the Lich king beta and several different raids. If you are here at GC be sure to check it out at Hall 4! The SK PvE guild will also be doing a LIVE Zul'Aman timed run against Nihilum together with and you can find more info about that Here!

There is now an interview up with Mekon by

The PvE guild will also be doing 3 LIVE shows together with Blizzard Entertainment in their booth on Saturday & Sunday showing everybody at the Games Convention the last 25man raid instance of The Burning Crusade, The Sunwell Plateau. More Info Here and MORE to come!

Also we have the guys from the SK WoW European PvP team here fighting in the ESL Extreme Masters tournament for a total prize purse of $30.000, with a total of 12 teams from the absolute top in the World of Warcraft PvP scene.

Preview of the teams competing
Serennias prediction of the top 3 positions
Groups & Schedule
Photo Album by Mackzter and Mekon from the event!



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