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1on1 with QuakeLive producer Marty Stratton

By Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz
Aug 13, 2008 19:21

ImageThis week's 1on1 features Marty Stratton, the producer of QuakeLive potentially one of the most important esports games.

The interview goes in depth into the details of QuakeLive, how it is structured and what it could become in the future. id's new game is essentially a revamped version of Quake 3 which is available for free from a web browser.

Marty Stratton talks about the challenges of building a game that would please both the casual gamer and the professionals, broadening the audience of the game and the possibility of running entire online leagues.

On top of that, QLive's producer talks about his hopes for the game becoming a major esports title, whether or not the in-game ads in QuakeLive would be an issue for tournament organisers with their own sponsors, gives details on the match-making system and finally reveals what needs to happen for id Software to make another Quake Arena project.


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