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SK Gaming World of Warcraft Live raid this Thursday

By Markus 'mackzter' Dahlgren
Aug 6, 2008 16:34

ImageThis Thursday at 8pm CET (2pm EDT) SK Gaming will do its third World of Warcraft live raid together with Joost.

The focus of discussion in this third show will mainly be about User Interfaces and the Warrior, Mage and Paladin classes. We will also attempt a new world record in DPS on Brutallus, the second encounter in the Sunwell!

In the previous two shows we have managed to clear Sunwell without a single wipe in about two hours. Make sure to check out our third week with the PoV's of Pmastah who is playing a Shadow Priest and also Mackelina as you might have seen in the first show, playing Holy Paladin.

An album from the productions of the two first shows are up here.

How to watch
1) Download the latest Joost client
2) Search for "SK WoW does Sunwell" in the client or click the direct link when the show is live.

Missed the earlier shows?
View episode 1
View episode 2

We will have Sebastian 'Gosey' Selin and Philip 'Mekon' Curry doing live commentary of the raid, both of them are playing in SK Gaming and Mekon is also one of the co-guildleaders.

From the studio

Teaser for the show



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