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Female gamer Hafu wins MLG Orlando with Orz

By Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz
Jul 13, 2008 21:40

ImageThe MLG Orlando World of Warcraft event was won by the underdogged team Orz with their member Hafu becoming the first woman to win an esports major in a competition with men.

The Orz team was a major underdog of the MLG Orlando event and got the second worst seed of the event. Along the way, they beat every top team they encountered, including SK Gaming, MoB (an organisation that let go of them after MLG San Diego), Team EG and Frag Dominant Duelists in the final.

Their tournament will go down in history as the first PC gaming major be won by a woman (unless you count WCG Pan American with four players as one). Orz did really badly at the previous event in San Diego so their performance in Orlando was a big surprise. Moreover, Orz did not have that much practice before the event.

"I choked up a lot in San Diego," said the elated Hafu after the final. "We came in the mindset that we were going to lose. We thought this is going to be our last MLG ever."

The results far surpassed anyone's expectations. Orz picked up a cheque for $12,000 and three PCs after beating Frag Dominant Duelists in the final. The tournament had a revenge background for Orz who were booted out of MoB after San Diego and defeated Godfather's team in Orlando. The post-match interview did not go without shoutouts to him.

The team are currently without a sponsor and will probably be receiving dozens of phone calls about that.

1) $12,000 - Orz
2) $6,000 - Frag Dominant Duelists
3) $3,000 - Evil Geniuses
4) $1,500 - GotGame West

SK Gaming's interview with Hafu (March 24, 2008)



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