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Team Zenith roster changes

By Elias 'Scarmony' G
Jun 28, 2008 19:45

The former Asian top team Zenith has recruited the up- and coming player 'Queen' after the loss of their two players 'Lem' and 'Jovi'.

According to Zenith the two long time members left due to internal conflicts within the rest of the team.

However, the newly recruited player 'Queen', who has been playing for Micronology before, seems to be a good addition.

Furthermore, Team Zenith is looking for 2 more members to improve their lineup.

Statement from Zenith manager hyhy:

"Despite the major changes in our lineup, Zenith is still confident of playing at its best for our upcoming tournaments."

Current Team Zenith roster:

- 'hyhy'
- 'Dk-MaG3'
- 'Bouncy'
- 'Tofuboi'
- 'xMusiCa'
- 'Queen'

Source: DotASG



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