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Interview with Neilyo from SK WoW about WWI

By Markus 'mackzter' Dahlgren
Jun 25, 2008 00:42

ImageSmall talk with Neilyo from the SK US 3vs3 team that will fight for the astonishing $36.000 first prize at WWI Paris that is opening up this weekend on the 28th!

Starting off the interview series with Neilyo! Next up Tomorrow is XOM, the rogue from the European SK WoW team.

What do you think went "wrong" at MLG? Anything new that you have prepared for this event to hopefully climb up the gold ladder?
What went wrong was us not having enough time to prepare for the event (we played together for the first time as a team 10 days before the event, when the TR came up) so we were not able to prepare a second comp to use vs double melee which counters us. We would have been prepared for double melee at paris, we have practiced a comp to use vs double melee, but because of so many last minute issues we are not able to go with our shaman and have to play yet again unprepaired with someone we have never played with before.

What teams do you think will be your biggest opponents at WWI and what setups do you fear the most?
Its not really what teams are the biggest opponents unfortunately the teams that are the hardest are simply the ones that counter comp.

Where do you say you have gotten the most practice done for this and previous events? Has the tournament realm played a big role in preparing/practicing for these events?
Yes, that is basicly the only place where you can practice if you do not all play on the same server and have extra geared lvl 70 classes to switch comps for practice.

Do you think that 3vs3 is the best tournament platform available at the moment in WoW?
"5v5 has way too much going on for it to be as easy to spectate as 3v3"
5v5 has way too much going on for it to be as easy to spectate, people argue that 5v5 is more balanced but lately it seems it has come down to the same thing, counter comping.

How do you feel only being able to play with S2 gear instead of S3 gear on these upcoming tournaments?
I dont know much about other classes and the difference in their gear but from what I hear some classes have it worse, such as resto shamans I am told, but at the same time it was kind of a bad idea to put armor pen on s3 gear as a static number rather than a percentage because it hurts casters more than anything else because of their low armor, even without armor pen warlocks have it hard enough against double melee teams. Each season has its flaws.

What do you think about the selection of gear in these tournaments, should you only be able to use gear thats attainable by PvP or should there be a selection of PvE parts like there is now?
Because of the way pvp gear is itemized for some classes/specs it just isnt as effective as it should be, so in some cases it would pretty much be unfair to not have pve gear, it would be unfair to punish those classes for blizzard not itemizing pvp gear good enough, but at the same time it can be abused. I think blizzard just needs to give more freedom as to trading defensive and offensive stats on pvp items, that way they can regulate it so it cannot be abused, but can still help the classes that need it most.

Last question : When is Neilyo 15 out? Make your fans happy!
Not sure, havent started anything yet, need to wait until we start competing high up on the TR to fraps high rated games with rog enh sham druid.

Interview by : mackzter & Calippo at Quakenet



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