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Kil'Jaeden DOWN World First

By Markus 'mackzter' Dahlgren
May 25, 2008 01:32

ImageThe last boss of The Sunwell Plateau and The Burning Crusade expansion has been killed by SK Gaming, More info inside!

As the topic says, SK Gaming has managed to kill the last boss of SWP.

SK Gaming brings you :

The Kill is of course recorded and its being edited at the moment, check back for news about the movie!

Special Thanks & Credits:
Sbe - For the impressive work on all the movies in Sunwell!
Rua - Get well soon m8 =) We're all cheering for ya.
Repins - For all the scrolls, and for SNIPER backwards hahaha
Azzarmy & Ekyarmy
Barrens Crew - For M'uru progress
The lamp in Twins room - For all the drama
All the other Hardcore guilds out there - For making this game fun :)
Blizzard - For making a great instance, everyone had doubts before Sunwell but it turned out to have some pretty damn good bossfights in it :) Now we just need to convince them to make instances faster.

Hmm, could go on and on!

Sunwell Plateau Boss Kills:
M'uru - World First
Eredar Twins - World Second
Felmyst - World First
Brutallus - EU First
Kalecgos - EU First

You will see more stuff from us soon including Live Sunwell raids, videos, records and much more! @ quakenet
German version



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