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Malystryx @ CGS Draft Blog - Babe Alert

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
May 19, 2008 00:05

ImageCGS booth babes heat up the joint as teams get drafted, fatal1ty perfects his posing skills and Malystryx meets some "interesting" people!

Well I'm back home and sifting through all the videos my brother and I took, it was actually relatively difficult with video as a) my camera is for snapshots not inside a multi-coloured LAN centre and b) the "press" PCs had no video program so no way to distinguish between each video!

Today we arrived relatively early around 10ish, the first half of the day was spent working on my first blog (you better have read it), and uploading the first album of piccies. _evan was in a relatively good mood today, he was pottering around on the pc on the opposite side of my brother went off on a crusade to take some good pictures.

ImageTo be fair our second album is pretty "hot", primarily because of the booth babes but still. During the tournament I realised it was a clear example of why using an area designed and built for LAN gaming for a tournament is so much better than using a make shift tournament area.

Omega Sektor is designed for gaming and as much the layout, the console area, the pc area, the free play are are all clearly marked and seperated.

The Call of Duty 4 was in one room, the Counter-Strike: Source had their own little screaming area, then the FIFA and DoA were in pretty close proximity but as both are played with no sound it was not such a big deal.

There were not many spectators if any to be honest, so the setup was similar to the NGL-One Finals I went to in Berlin two months ago in the sense that the media and spectators can wander freely and look over the shoulder of any player they wish to.

ImageMy only criticism of the tournament was the commentating. As I mentioned before Redeye wandered amongst the matches casting whichever he pleased but the main problem was a lack of co-ordination between audio and visual.

I'm sitting in the tournament area and I hear "Chrissybbb 1on1 with the goalkeeper, can he score" I quickly turn to the mainstage screens but I just see some bloke lobbing a grenade in Counter-Strike: Source! However the event had very few spectators so I guess its not a major problem.

Anyway today's main thing was the drafting of the players, first each "franchise" aka team's GMs (General Managers) picked their "franchise player" in other words their star player, he receives the biggest salary, something along the lines of $30,000+ a year.

Now that is a pretty good salary and they can still compete in national events such as WCG or SEC to get some extra cash.

ImageSo for the draft the area was polished up a little, Ben Woodward had put on a smarter suit, Odey also had gone with a suit following his sweaty t-shirt the previous day and Besel made sure he looked the part too.

For the draft it was broadcast live so everyone huddled around the middle, to see if they would get picked and get the chance to make it as a full time gamer.

The sad thing about CGS though is that Source teams know going in that the GMs can just pick individuals and not a whole team, meaning there is individual glory at stake. I wonder if any team-mates hope secretly their pro team-mate does crap so they can have their time to shine.

I guess there are no hard feelings as they know when they enter there is a chance that their team will essentially be broken in half if only some players get drafted and the others not as is the case with fnatic's Source squad.

I decided to go downstairs in a search for _evan who mysteriously just dissapeared, even Radical from CGS seemed worried and he said "where's Happy?", but it was unsuccesful and _evan lived to fight another day.

ImageMy brother came to find me to give me a fatal1ty mousemat that Jonathon wanted to give me, it was signed "nice game, you were easy! :)" When I went upstairs I went to thank him, I said at least its signed underneath so it won't get distracted me when I'm playing!

We chatted about his lucky mascot which I had noticed was not here, for all of you "it is call smoo, for smooth, because I'm a smooth guy". I'd actually watched MTV:True Life I'm a Gamer about 3-4 years ago and I remember seeing him and his tiger.

He told us a amusing story of how various players including Voo who had tried to steal or take hold of his tiger only to suffer the wrath of Fatal1ty's fury, he did try to re-enact it and I was frankly quite scared!

Although the best part was when we were discussing Jonathon's username, its from mortal kombat, my brother replied "it was either from mortal kombat or worms, in worms when you kill someone they say *reneacts worm voice* fataaaaaal1ty".

Rolling my eyes thinking it would be received with a confused WTF face I was surprised to find Jonathon saying "yea man, when I played that game I was like oh my god this is so cool whenever I kill someone it says my name!".

ImageFatal1ty goes down a legend in my books, he has not lost the common touch and is a great example of what can be achieved through hard work and perserverance, hell I think I'll design a Malystryx mousemat right now!

In terms of presentation the CGS "show" is a little over the top but its pulled off well and quite professionally. I've never been a huge fan of Redeye but I have to respect him for what he pulls off at the CGS, credit where its due, fair play.

Following the selection of their 1 franchise player (Mr Money bags) and their protected players (up to 4, these players avoid the "draft") it leaves 5 spaces as there 10 people in each team.

The GMs then take turns to pick a player, Heaton milked the opportunity and mounted the tension by instead of just announcing the player, writing it very slowly on a piece of paper before handing it to Redeye. I guess it was to build up the atmosphere but I can't be the only one thinking "bloody hell come on!"

ImageTo be honest the names flew over my head, I'd made myself familiar with some of the DoA players, Snuggles, Strobe, Sarah Low and some others and I knew some of the FIFA guys from SEC such as ChrisyB (Franchise player for London Mint) and Istvan (Stockholm Magnetic) so I gave them a bit of the cheer when they got chosen. I also knew the odd Source guy such as ReaL, who is a cs 1.6 traitor apparently but *shrugs*.

You could see their faces, even though its just their name being read out from a list it means so much more, it means "gaming is now officially your JOB". Istvan was probably the most animated bless him, considering he'd failed last year he could not contain his excitement.

I actually found myself thinking, a full-time gamer at cgs does not sound too bad, they'll have to pick some different games though, I'm pretty handy at Soul Calibur.

ImageAfter the draft my brother and I had to make our way to the bus station, we picked up some cool freebie CGS t-shirts for our girlfriends and crammed them all into our bags. There were not many european faces in terms of coverage at the event but it was very nice to meet some British gamers, staff and writers.

Although Hazz1, general manager of Four KIngs met me in the wrong circumstances. The toilets at the event were VERY strange, they had different coloured lights which would change, standing having a piss I said out loud "Isn't this the strangest toilet you guys have ever been in", to which someone replied "yea, looks like I'm pissing blood".

It was not until I got home that Hezz1 said that was infact him. What a great way to meet someone. Until next time, I've got a new gallery and some more videos so I'll add them today and tommorrow.

Overall best memory was the Fatal1ty shoout and the worst was probably when I met bsl and he asked who I was and I pointed to the SK logo and was about to say my name and he said "your name is SK Gaming", oh I felt so small...

My verdict of the CGS, thumbs up, make up your own mind don't let others decide for you, I'm off to test out my new fatal1ty mousemat.



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