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Malystryx @ CGS Draft Blog - Quad Damage

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
May 17, 2008 22:37

ImageTales of the first day at the CGS Combine in Birmingham, UK, a hectic day of emo _evan, Fatal1ty shootout, big breasted DoA characters and more.

Well day one at the CGS combine is almost over, I'm sitting next to "18 year old" bidY from fnatic, Beeemit from Readmore and my brother are busy "pwning noobs" on CS:Source and the 400 computers of the Omega Sector in Birmingham are buzzing but only a handful of people left.

I arrived relatively late at around 1pm, I travelled her courtesy of the CGS who covered my accomodation and what an accomodation! My brother Conrad had come with me, my chance to bring him to a event, we decided to check in the hotel first.

My brother stated "it will just be simple, two beds and a tv" but as we walked in we realised, "hang on this looks quite posh" and once we saw the cost of the rooms we were both amazed and just taken a back as the woman behind the counter claimed I should "get out more"! And my room has a safe!

So after giggling and texting moody _evan about my free jacuzzi, gym and sauna, we trecked along to the event. This is my first LAN in the UK and I was extremely impressed by the setup. Omega Sektor is split over two floors, on the bottom floor is the "free play" area for general public or players to practise in peace. On the second floor is the tournament area, there are a lot of people but not crowded.

ImageImmediately as I arrived I was grabbed by Tosspot for a mini-interview regarding the CGS, my brother got involved with the camerman giving his expert opinion, good thing I brought my "cameraman"..

The games here at the CGS are Dead or Alive, Counter-Strike: Source, FIFA and Forza. I'll be honest I don't know many players from any games aside from FIFA as I recognise Istvan from Dignitas and ChrisyB.

Its just a case of talking to people and trying to work out who are the big guns. CGS is pretty similar to when you played football at school, two captains and then you pick which players you want from who is available.

The Game Masters or GMs are the ones that pick the teams, they are OdeeY (former head of Dignitas), Ben "BEn" Woodward (Former Four Kings General manager), Heaton (SK and cs legend) and Norwegian bsl another cs legend.

Despite it being a qualifier event it is very professional, the commentator Paul "RedeYe" Chaloner walks among mortals, floating from match to match casting over the players shoulders. Compared to other events I've been to there is a noticeable difference and that is the community feel, everyone watches everyone else and teams do mingle.

ImageThe idea of the Combine is for the players to impress the four GMs in order for them to pick them for their "franchise".

There is a tournament i.e. the Combine as well as "GMs challenge" which mean the GMs can pick two teams or players they want to see against each other and impose any handicaps they wish to. Ben Woodward said "I can make them play with one behind their back, stick a camera in their face to see how they cope under pressure".

Therefore players do have a chance to impress the GMs even if they are knocked out of the tournament. To be honest these so called "crap games" do have some level of depth as I found from Snuggles, a DoA player from last CGS season and the oldest player here. To be honest it seems there is more than meets the eye for Dead or Alive, it is esentially a beat-em-up but button bashers might not be too successful versus these players.

Myself and Beeemit from had a face-off at Dead or Alive, after talking to the DoA players I found out Kasumi is the quickest character (and btw the fittest) so I went for her.

ImageIts first to 5 wins for DoA and I went 4-1 up with Kasumi, considering the character seemed a bit easy I swopped between other female characters with huge breasts but was not as successful, I went back to Kasumi to claim the win!!

The highlight of the day was when myself and Carcharoden (my brother) went downstairs to play some games and I saw a face I recognised and to my surprise it was Jonathon "Fatal1ty" Wendel. We chatted for a bit and he showed us his latest hardware and what he was promoting, my brother suggested he could come join us for some games so Fatal1ty suggested we sit down and play on his PCs.

The game was Quake4 and I have never been OWNED SO HARD in my life, the guy is phenomenal, I just put my head in my hands the moment I heard "QUAD DAMAGE" as I knew what was a coming, a Fatal1ty rampage with the rail gun. I would just sit back and watch his screen, the precision at which he moves the mouse is insane, and many encountered the same problem I had that you think he is running away but you turn round the next corner to find him waiting with a shotgun, YOU HAVE BEEN KILLED BY FATAL1ty, damnit.

WE played for about an hour with more people joining in, Fatal1ty was asking anyone who came to join in. I asked him why did he not compete at Quake3 ESWC qualifiers and he replied would only compete to win and that he's won so many tournaments, he would not get much satisfaction in another.

ImageBeeemit from Readmore took over my PC after I was tired of being slaughtered, but his only motivation was to take a picture of him killing Fatal1ty, it took him around 10-15 mins but he got it in the end and then quit, so expect to see that photo soon!

WE then went for fish and chips with Beeemit, chatted about the event. I had to say this was my best event in terms of how much fun I had, not how organised it was but just a relaxed environment, I'm coming here out of my own free will, I'm looking to give you guys videos and photos but I'm not slaving away for the entire day.

I guess it puts me in a better mood, _evan on the other hand does not seem to be enjoying himself, although he claimed today he would be in a better mood so I should go find him.

At the evening we played some Counter-Strike:Source, and then the LAN closed at 10 and we went to Beeemit's hotel where I did an interview with bsl about the CGS and the combine which I'll have to edit as guess what.. my camera died again!!! However it was after 17 minutes so its ok!

My brother and I then chilled in our hotel, watched Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Commando", good film but appauling acting but who cares, guns and blood, I'll be back!



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