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Back home from Kode5

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
May 12, 2008 23:18

All right.. i'm sitting here chilling at RobbaN's place, surfing all the websites and checking out pictures and news i've missed during the weekend. I thought i'd give you some of my thoughts on the Kode5 Finals etc.

First off, congratulations to mTw for a very well played tournament and you can fairly say they deserved to win as they played top-notch when they needed to.

Our first loss was to MiBR and a pretty big one. They played well and we didn't really stand much of a chance but we picked ourselves up again and finished second in the group after beating EYEsports.

This win took us into the quarter-finals where we faced the underdogs EG who had surprisingly won their group over teams like fnatic and which was very impressive. They seemed to be awesome aimers and we had no idea what to expect so we told ourselves we would play all-out this match and we did. The whole team played great and we managed to pull off a 2-0 game.

Next was the semi-finals vs mTw and since we had practiced a bit on the internet versus them we knew they would be a top-contender at the event. I believe zonic told SK-Gaming they knew how we played on de_inferno so the first map was a catastrophe. We never managed to get into the game at all and with Sunde leading the way they could win the map easily.

The next map to be played was de_nuke and after a bad first half (again) by us we were down by 4-11 but we managed to pull out a 12-3 CT-half (good 'ol NiP-style) after some great play and some awesome clutch-situations.

We had the flow going for the third map and kept it up halfway through the first T-half where we had the lead by 7-3, but mTw managed to fight their way back into the match making the half-time score 7-8(mTw(CT)-SK(T).
They finished us off with a score of 16-12 or something, i'm not sure but what I think we should have done better is;
We should not have let them get into the match T-half. The second round when they had eco they managed to take out three people in a glock-eco AND get the bomb down which gave them the economy to buy, and put us in a very bad situation forcing us to two ecos if we were to lose the following third round, which we did. Well played mTw. Another deciding round was of course the one where I was 1v2 and there was no time to plant, I died at one or two seconds left of the roundtime and once again, the economy-system came back to bite us in the ass.

It is these little mistakes that make the difference between winning and losing in CS. The SK.CS team will do everything in our power to prepare for this summers events to eliminate these mistakes and hopefully make our fans proud by placing #1 on some of the events this summer.

And by the way, I think we would have beat fnatic in the final ; ).

Over 'n' out
Dennis "walle" Wallenberg



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