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SK guild leaders interviewed about M'uru

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
May 6, 2008 23:31

ImageA few days ago SK Gaming took the world first kill on M'uru, a boss which still only two guilds in the world has managed to defeat after more than a week. The SK Gaming guild leaders mackzter and Mekon were kind enough to answer a few questions about this extrordinary boss and the Sunwell Plateau instance.

World first on the 2nd to last boss in The Burning Crusade.. how does it feel, can we expect a world first Kil'Jaeden?
It feels really great, very hard and very nicely tuned which makes it feel alot better aswell! I'm sure we have a great chance at the race for Kil'Jaeden and we'll go for it harder then we've ever done before, Just waiting for the flames about EU Welfare etc!

Lots of guilds had troubles with Twins, how much harder would you say M'uru is?
Much much harder, M'uru is SO much better tuned than Twins. The twins encounter has probably like 10 gimmicks/exploits(whatever) that you can use to make the fight so much easier, M'uru doesn't. On M'uru you need 25 people that knows what they're doing and a whole lot of practice, also a really good setup I have to say. They are both good encounters though, very happy with both of them.

Really impressed with the tuning on M'uru and I gotta say I can't wait for Kil'Jaeden, might turn out to be the best encounter ever made.

For those who haven't had the chance to try out M'uru yet, what can they expect?
Hmm I think that it's one of the few encounters where everyone gets to take an active role. Many encounters are very similar and only allow people to basically stand still and spam. This is not the case with muru you need to control and dps a variety of adds in the first phase. A new element has been added with adds (skulls) that can only be killed with an offensive dispell and insta wipe your raid if they reach someone. For once melee get to use their stuns on a boss fight and you need to use things like sheeps etc..

In the second phase it's just a blitz with more skulls and void zones and such so I guess that is a bit more "standard". Overall serveral new elements have been added but the beauty of it is the combination of everything that is absolutely perfect.

A very sensitive topic for hardcore raiders is how long guilds "should" wait to release kill movies, to not spoil the encounter to other guilds, what's your take on that?
Well I mean it's always difficult. It's a tradition that has gone back a long time now, release movies earlier and earlier. I think the first major one was when Nihilum released the Kel'thuzad video before any other guild had killed it. We got a bit flamed with Twins but the difference is that these first 4 bosses are pretty easy, the worst thing you can do is give away a fight. The difference with M'uru has been that it's such a hard boss and very few guilds will kill it before KJ is released so we have been very thoughtful about the release of our movie, especially since nobody is using our strat and I believe it to be close to perfect.

However Exodus has decided to release their movie. I understand that it's their shot at getting a bit of e-fame but I think that releasing a really poor quality movie just for a few hits and spoiling a great fight for a lot of people shows absolutely zero class. Overall I think that the only fights you need to try and protect are the truely great ones :).

So that means that there's an SK movie in the making, when can we expect it?
There's definatly a movie in the making, and has been since we killed it. First movie is probably going to be double pov with Hunter/Mage PoV's in Widescreen, and we'll release atleast one more after that with different PoV's and not widescreen. Expect high quality and good editing! We haven't decided on a release date yet, won't be too long though.

With every patch and new instances new classes gets more and more vital for PvE raiding, which class/spec would you say has gotten a big breaktrough in Sunwell?
Hmm I don't really think that one single class has been given a breakthrough in this instance. I think that the viability of Feral Druids was enforced more, partly due to radiance of the sunwell. The power of Warlocks for dps and generally Restoration Shamans being the strongest overall class has merely been reinforced. I dont think that any class is bad at the moment, I'm happy with the balance :). The fact will always remain that playing without a lot of shamans and 3 paladins will never be good.

What do you think about the Sunwell loot so far, any item that you'd like to name Essence of the Pure Flame of Sunwell?
Hmm well I think that the loot is at least decent. I dont see the point in having PvP items in sunwell at all and they are only a tiny upgrade from S3 if that. Most stuff is however decent. Specifically for healers the mace is weaker than illidan one and I think that if this new Muru trinket actually channeled it's going to be complete garbage, i mean who stops healing for 8 seconds ? :) I'm not an expert on other items but it seems that nobody is complaining that much ... a token system would however have probably been better.

Ok thanks for your time! Only 1 boss left to defeat in The Burning Crusade now, which guilds do you see as your main competetors?
As I said we're really looking forward to Kil'Jaeden, I definatly think that the well known names are the main competitors, that being Nihilum etc. Then there's all the other guilds that hasn't taken the time off work and fought for these first 5 bosses, I'm pretty sure they will for Kil'Jaeden though which makes the race even harder! on QuakeNet (IRC)



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