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M'uru down World First & Recruitment

By Markus 'mackzter' Dahlgren
May 4, 2008 03:13

ImageAfter the most insane raiding hours the last 4 days we finally managed to beat the last boss before Kil'Jaeden in The Sunwell Plateau

Insanely hard boss, best one so far in The Burning Crusade!(In our opinion :D). It allows ZERO mistakes and a crazy amount of practice!

Will update this post all the time with new stuff, we'll write a blog about the progress on this boss aswell.

Awesome job by everyone!

Killed at 02:55 4th of May 2008.

After a solid 4h of LOW % tries we finally bring you:

P.S We are still Recruiting Several Classes, CLICK HERE @ quakenet



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