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Farewell to nooky

By T. 'Southn' M.
Sep 1, 2014 19:38

ImageOn behalf of the community, we will today make a break in our In Spotlight Series and will give the voice to one of the last professional German CS Players.

We talk about no one else but DE Andre 'nooky' Utesch - longtime mTw player in CS:Source and currently player for mousesports. A few days ago nooky stated in a newspost that he will quit with professional gaming due to his private life and that is the reason we want today to look back on one of the most shining careers in Germany.

Hello Andre, thank you for taking your time for SK Gaming today. Would you mind introducing yourself to the readers which do not know you ?

"Hi, my name is Andre 'nooky' Utesch and started to play Counter-Strike in 2002/2003. Back then i was playing CS 1.5 & 1.6 casually but found my way into the competitive scene pretty fast. I was playing 1.6, CS:S and in the last 2 years CS:GO for teams like mTw & mousesports. Besides that I was the Team Captain of Germany several times. Besides gaming I am living together with my beautiful girlfriend, study informatics and for sports I'm hitting the tennis court as often as possible."

Let's start off with your statement on mousesports just some days ago. What lead you to the point to quit your career, which you were building up since 2004 ?

"There are a few reasons, that combined forced me to make this step and retire from professional gaming. First of all I got a good job I can do besides university that I could not turn down and with this one I will not be able to have the time it takes to play and pracc as we did as a professional team. Sometimes we played 6-7 hours a day and that wont be possible anymore. Furthermore I want to focus fully on my exams and studies and have more time to spent with my girlfriend. I really enjoyed my time playing and I enjoyed the time with my team in mousesports but I had to make a decision and I don't want to do 4 or 5 things with 50% - it's not good for myself and its unfair towards my team."

In your statement, you say a special thanks to two people which most will not remember, Lars Eiben and Markus Frey. Can you tell us how important those two behind mTw were for your career ?

"Well its hard to say how important they both were for my career. Markus offered me a spot in the mTw 1.6 lineup, which was basically my breakthrough into the top german teams back in that time together with mousesports and alternate. Unfortunately the lineup we planed back then never happend because Papst got a job himself a few days before the season started and we took in natu and in the end we did not achieve what we had hoped for. After that Markus asked me if I would like to try out Counter-Strike:Source and from there on I was the captain of what many call "the legendary mTw" - we had some roster changes over the time but we had some crazy events and games and I'm glad I was a part of those moments. For those who did not follow us back then - just check out some of our movies like mTw 2008 :)

Lars Eiben was the owner of mTw back then and is a good friend since then. He supported me and the team throughout the years and all I can say is that he was one of the most fair and nicest person in gaming I have met until now."


nooky in the dress of mTw

If you look back on your career what was the best moment ?

"Oh yeah thats a though one and I'm afraid its impossible to answer. I guess in terms of most fun it was disruptors legendary : defuse die bombe ich rette dein leben! In terms of match the cph games win over verygames when we were down on nuke 3-12 and won the game 16:13 or 16:12 in the end to go through to face mousesports in the semi-finals.

Apart from that I really enjoyed the XLParty in Lissabon when I won the event with a mixteam (osi, purit, bastian, minit) and our ENC win with Team Germany over France on Stage in Cologne Gamescom."

And also what was the worst moment ?

"I dont really remember "sad" moments, there was always something nice or positive even when we lost, but a really crazy / tough loss was at one eps finals when we were playing with sraven osi wilzoo weber and we lost the first map really dumb - had 15:12 or 13 advantage ct side nuke and then we threw the game the most retarded way possible which ended loosing in overtime.

15:12 or 13, enemy has forcebuy, lowequiped and we just have to play def - osi pushes ct nuke outside, dies and give them his m4 and we loose the round - we buy up what we can - got a 3on2 situation, I pushed outside and went towards T roof/vents and had 2 flashes to flash upper. Wilzoo was in vents watching lower, sraven in hut watching upper. He spots both upper, calls them, I flash upper twice, I'm going down the ladder and I get a crazy 1 flick midair headshot from sraven who just tked me even though he spotted both enemies in upper :) - we lost the round and the game and I'm still mad because of that - and yes I sometimes dream about that too - thx Steffen xD"

In CS:GO you were not able to conquer the Top like back in the days in CS:Source, why do you think it was not possible ?

"Well I guess we had the worst possible start into CS:GO a team could have. We had the troubles with mTw closing, we couldn't find a lineup that everyone agreed on and that would have been strong enough to make it into the top5. There were always problems between players or players simply did not fit in or were willing to put in the time to make it to the top. In the end we found a lineup we were pretty happy with but we could not find an organisation to support us. So I left for mousesports and moddii/stinger left for fnatic. I still think the lineup back then had amazing potential and its sad that it did not last long enough. From then on I never really had a team that had the same 5 players for more than 3-6 months and in Germany its hard to get 5 players together that have the same attitude and get along fine. Even back in the old mTw days we made the decision to make an international team because of those problems within the german scene. So yeah its really hard to get the team chemistry, starts etc going when you have to swap players left and right for whatever reasons."

Generally speaking German Teams are not important in the Top Scene anymore. Is the real problem that there is a lack of talented German Players ?

"Well maybe it's lack of talent, maybe its because younger players nowadays prefer games like dota or lol and in maybe 2-3 years there will be more cs:go players again - who knows. In germany I think there are more problems than just that. To play professional you need support, maybe not when you are 16-19 and mum pays everything. But when you are getting older and you are learning something or studying, you need to get something out of gaming to be able to really play professional - in this case its your job. If you don't put in the hours every day there is no way you will be able to beat teams like NiP, fnatic, digniats, Titan etc., but without results, organisations wont give the support needed because they are afraid it doesn't pay off for them in the end. So its like a "circle of death". Right now in my eyes the only team that has a chance to make it to the top is mousesports. They are willing to play as much as possible and kzy will have even more time than I had and hopefully they can get Germany back into the elite teams again. But even this team isn't real german anymore - with allu and chrisJ we are speaking english now. And before we took in allu for spiidi, who stepped down because of personal reasons we were thinking about who we could take - and apart from kzy and maybe troubley, who had a contract and was not available, there was no other option we think is good enough or would fit into the team.

Apart from that I think younger players right now are way more "frags/stats" concerned, watching all those frag movies and they are not focused enough on their own individual mistakes or tactical errors. When i was an upcoming player i think at least 30-40% of my time i was analyzing my own demos or replays of other pros and teams. I don't think that younger players are doing that anymore, instead they are going on deathmatch, which in my opinion doesn't help improve you own game at a certain point anymore. Furthermore when you are watching a game today you always hit with someone casting the game. Most of these casters miss alot of action or are not qualified enough to explain the important calls / moves / things in a round. Yes sometimes there are pro-cocaster available who give more in depth information about the rounds. But still its impossible to understand everything or see everything in such a stream or VOD. In the old days I was watching every game on HLTV/STV and was able to switch to the player I wanted to watch or even watch the replay. Today u don't really watch a demo if your not already in a top team and know what to do, you would rather watch a VoD and I think that's another big factor. Hopefully it will soon be possible to watch every game directly ingame but with the casters u want to hear for every game.

Moreover the introduced Matchmaking system is a massive problem for upcoming competitive players, and I'm not talking about all the cheaters :). When I was young we were playing ladder games or bo3`s/bo5`s whenever we were not praccing. We had the ambition, to be rank 1 in the esl ladder and there were alot of good pro mix teams in the leagues. So whenever we played everyone was trying to give his best, we were calling strats and so on. Same for those mixed games. We gathered 10 ppl in teamspeak, vetoed teams and always played best of 3 or 5 games and everyone wanted to win. Now when I play a mix, no one calles, scramble teams once in the start - the most useless cmd ever - no one cares if he dies so people push randomly like retards which they would never do in officials and so on. In Matchmaking you either get cheaters, worse players and its really rare that you get good enemies and a team willing to play a bit serious. So in the end all of this is just to help getting warm or playing some games to chill and have some fun. But you won't improve this way you could when taking this game serious.

In my opinion those are the main reasons right now - there are a few more but I don't want to write 1000 words :)"

People also question the pick of Oliver "kzy" Heck, can you explain why he was a suitable player for mousesports ?

"Like I already mentioned we already thought about kzy before we picked up allu, but decided against him because of the ems qualification. kzy is a really good player and a potential sick caller who until now never had the chance to play in a top team. We all know him since a long time and we think he is the right choice for mousesports. Furthermore the fact that I was calling and he is a caller makes it an easy pick. And with the latest results I think they are on the right way and hopefully can improve even further and show the same results on the next big events. kzy maybe needs some more experience against the top teams on those events but I can not see anyone else doing that job better than he can do in Germany. He is hungry and willing to put in the time needed to improve the team, analyze mistakes and push the team to the limit - and for that I wish him the best of luck."

Where do you see the game developing at the moment ?

"I dont really see it developes at all - I already told a few times which things i would like to change within the game, but sadly that wont happen im afraid (just check the g3 interview for more detailed infos). At the moment I would like to have a remake of train, add cache and then let the top teams decide between tuscan, cbble, overpass and maybe a possible 4th candidate for a good 7 map pool. Its really bad to have all these different map pools right now and i did not really like the fact that they changed this map pool only 1 month before ems. The veto system itself is a nice idea but in this case it was purely to force people to play the new added maps. I think valve does a good job with all those skins, to get the game even more attractive for new players etc, but it shouldn't be the main focus. I think cs players want to play cs and not cod. Right now i personal have the feeling its somewhere between both games and i hope they will make some updates to get it back to the cs-style so many people loved."

G3 Interview with ESEA

Isn't it like this that when players like you leave the scene we will not be able to see the teams in Germany step up ?

"I can't judge that, that's for other people to decide. Time will tell what german teams can achieve in the future but I can't tell if mousesports would do better or worse with me instead of kzy. We improved a lot in the last weeks but he has all it takes to achieve even more with them than I did."

Will we be able to see you in a position as a coach for example for mousesports ?

"I will stay in mousesports as a 6th player and jump in whenever they need someone. But I wont play competitive as i did again. I know you should never say never but right now I don't really see me playing any major offline event again. When it comes to coaching i think that maybe could be something that would get me interested but for the rest of this year I'm afraid I won't have the time to even do that."

Last question, final standings of the EPS Season this year ?

"Winner: mousesports

2nd: mTw hopefully - revenge :)"

Thank you Andre for this interview. All the best of Luck for the upcoming finals and of course your private life ahead beside gaming.

mTw at EPS Finals 2012 by Mrtweeday



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