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One last step: EU LCS playoffs

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Aug 20, 2014 16:24

ImageWith the Summer split over, it was finally time to play the most important games of the season. Four teams were able to get into the semifinals and all of them were thirsty for a spot at this year's world championship.

All of Gamescom's matches looked really promising and if you were not able to watch them, make sure to take the time and do it! As many fans speculated at the beginning of the split, EU Alliance, EU Fnatic and EU SK Gaming had a shot in the playoffs. The forth team, PL Roccat, seemed rather shaky but nonetheless they managed to find a place in the final four.

Semi-finals: The underdogs stepping up

Roccat had to face Fnatic, who was considered to be the stronger team at the moment by far. Based on this information, everyone expected a clean 3-0 from the previous champions.

Proving the community wrong, Roccat showed up huge: They managed to claim the first game, which led to a rather shaky performance by Fnatic. Overpowering them got to an exciting 5 game series, that eventually ended in a 3-2 for Fnatic.

SK Gaming versus Alliance would be a really good match up. Full of excitement from the first Bo5, this series was sure to be full of emotions. Going way back to Season 2, Froggen and Wickd might still remember their bitter upset from SK Gaming while they were playing for CLG.EU.

The teams really seemed on par, both playing on a very high level. Just as in the first series, the underdog started really strong. That was, however, until Froggen decided to start the famous “Froggen-show” by taking matters into his own hands and almost single-handedly winning the first game for Alliance. SK didn't despair and answered back in the second one. Fueled by the cheers of the amazing fans, they went into game 3 with a lot of confidence. Sadly, the confidence led to some big errors, which eventually cost them the game. As often before, Baron showed up as the MVP.

In game 4, Alliance simply took the better of SK Gaming, especially Froggen who was shining once again. That caused the show to get a quick ending with a 3-1 for Alliance. If you want to read a more detailed overview of SK Gaming's games and season, you should not hesitate to also check out our newest article.

3rd place match: The last chance

Going to worlds surely is the dream for most League of Legends pro players. Roccat and SK Gaming both were so close to getting a spot and lost in well fought games. However, there was yet another chance, the 3rd place/seed. Unlike the day before, Jesiz stated that he now really felt the urge to get into Worlds.

The “freshly” gained motivation led to a very improved gameplay by our beloved Jesse. But not only him stepped it up, Fredy once again showed that he should really be considered the best top laner in EU. This really showed in Roccat's ban phase for some of their games, as they used every single ban to slow down the inevitable: Fredy getting a champion he is good with and carrying the game.

In the end, SK simply took the better of Roccat and went for a clean 3-0 sweep. SK's players and the crowd seemed very pleased by the outcome and SK finally managed to get back into worlds. Well played!

Finals: A new king

With SK managing to claim the last WC spot for EU, there was one last fight to be held. Froggen's super team got ready to battle Fnatic, who already had won 3 splits in a row. The winner would take Europe's first seed.

As one of Alliance's members stated in a video before, they were aiming for nothing less than first place, because, and that is a quote, “that's what they were formed for”. Fnatic on the other hand seemed to stay rather calm and collected, due to their previous playoff performances.

It did not take long to see that Alliance prepared better. Taking their alias “superteam” seriously, they started the series with a boom. While the stage was fully packed, one could argue that both Semifinals were more exciting. Throughout the series, Fnatic almost did not seem to stand a chance.

In the end Alliance managed to take down Fnatic 3-1, just as Krepo has predicted on the analyst desk. The superteam finally earned their name! Congratulations to them and our former Support DE Nyph!



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