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Gamescom Crew's favourites

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Aug 11, 2014 21:50

ImageIn this little feature, the whole "SK Gamescom 2014 Crew" will tell you what they are looking forward for at this year's gamescom.

We, the "SK Gaming Gamescom Crew" want to show you this time around what WE are looking for besides, of course, our very own booth in cooperation with Bigben Interactive and Medion in Hall 9!

Sebastian "sLyK3rZ" Schilling

Daedalic Entertainment – I always loved the beautiful games made by Deadalic especially Deponia and I want to see what the next game will be.

Deep Silver – I already played Risen and Risen 2 and I was a big fan and now I hope to see some parts of the upcoming game Risen 3: Titan Lords, the trailer looks awesome.

Nintendo – Everyone played at least one Nintendo game in their live and I’m sure no one did not enjoy it. The Nintendo games have been a big part of my childhood and I don’t regret a single hour of playtime and this year I want to have a look at what Nintendo will bring up next.

Ubisoft – Ubisoft will show a couple games at their stands but Assassin’s Creed is the one I’m the most interested in.

Cosplay Village – The new Cosplay Village will be one of the top spots at the gamescom and I definitely want to have a look at what’s going on there.


Aiko "sirram" Leubner

I'm looking forward specifically to the booth with our partner Bigben Interactive to meet the visitors and to play against them. Of course, our players are ready for questions and give some advice. Personally, I am especially pleased with the new Call of Duty, which is presented at gamescom. Equally legendary is certainly the Halo event.

Stephan "brotkohl" Füssl

My highlights at this year's gamescom will definitely be Halo, Call of Duty and FIFA 15 but I'm also looking out for some newcomers that I know nothing about. Also I'm very hyped about the CS:GO tournament which will be huge this year.


Michael "wtblife" Ardelean - League of Legends Editor

I am really looking forward to the LCS EU playoffs. This is my first offline event and words can't describe my excitement. Hope the crowd will go nuts. Working at the Bigben booth makes the whole thing even better!

Philipp "Phizz" Neubauer - League of Legends Editor

I'm really looking forward to the playoffs in LoL and especially SK's match against Alliance! Since I'm a huge fan of competitive CS:GO the ESL One tournament will be another highlight for me. Rounding up the event with a few FIFA 15 matches against my colleagues will round up the week for me.


Jonas "BlizZer" Leuschner - Counter Strike Editor

I'd really love to see the new games and how they advertise them! Also I'd like to see the pro players live on stage. But the fact that excites me the most is seeing people from all over the world to gather at Gamescom with the same passion: gaming!

Harun "Revyls" Yavuz

I'm exited about meeting all the SK Gaming fans and supporters at Gamescom and surely the League of Legends Regional Finals. I'm looking for the new MMOPRGs which will be released this year like Archeage Online and Asian games.

Tell us what YOU are most exited about and leave a quick reply down in the comment section!



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