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Gamescom 2013 review: The highlights

By Jonas 'BlizZer' Leuschner
Aug 12, 2014 10:09

ImageLast year the Gamescom welcomed more then 340 000 visitors over an area of 140.000sm with 635 exhibitors from over 40 different countries. And that was not all.

LoL esports on the rise

Last year big events marked the Gamescom: The Dr. Pepper Allstar tournament for League of Legends were SK Gaming was represented last year. If you were more interested in the pro scene, you were able to watch the European LCS Regionals where Gambit Gaming, Lemondogs and Fnatic secured their spot for the World Finals.

Console Wars

The Gamescom 2013 offered not only new games. It also offered new handheld consoles, smartphones and tablets and a lot more technology for examble the next generation consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One, who had a big battle at the Gamescom to impress people about their console. Lots of people tested the new next generation console and made themselves a important opinion if they prefer the Xbox One or Playstation 4. In this year, Sony and Microsoft will be represented aswell.


There are many different game genres for all of you and at the Gamescom there are 635 exhibitors and all are different. If you are a shooter fan, EA and Activision served well last year with their blockbuster titles Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts. In the sports and football scene in particular, EA once again proved that they are ahead of every other publisher.

Gamescom as a Cosplay hotspot

Manga and Animes fans are also welcome at the Gamescom since a lot of the exhibitors also had Cosplaz featuers at their stages. Cosplay is a Japanese paneling trend where you dress up as accurate as possible to a Manga or Anime character or as in the most cases at Gamescom, a in-game hero or villain.


With several conventions and events at the stages of for example Riot Games and Blizzard, the creative work was honored.

"Let's Play!"

In the crowded halls you got lots of entertainment with new games but also with giveaways where you can win mices, keyboards and a lot more. You were able to meet and greet your favorite Youtuber's and keep the memories in a picture. The most famous German let's player "Gronkh" attended and had his show "Let's Player Together" presented at Gamescom in front of 4000 fans. The people were very impressed and happy to saw his idol live on stage.

These were some of the highlights from Gamescom 2013 and we are only one day away from finding out what the 2014 edition has in store for us!



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