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mTw wins CS Forever showmatch

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Aug 4, 2014 19:46

ImageThe Danish squad of mTw overcame Fnatic in a best-of-three series during the CS Forever showmatch in Counter-Strike 1.6.

The London-based organization Fnatic ran a showmatch two days ago in Counter-Strike 1.6 between the original lineups of both Fnatic and the Danish team mTw from 2008. The competition was for charity and the winner of the event was handled with $1,500 to donate to a charity organization of choice. SE Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg was supposed to play, but was replaced only hours before the match by SE Björn 'threat' Pers due to the occurred delays at the Gfinity 3 tournament.

Team mTw won this challenge by taking down Fnatic in two maps with disruptive score and decided to donate to the Danish Red Cross. The Danes were on form as we witnessed a lot of boosts and tactical advantages over the Swedes.

The folks of mTw prevailed against their old time rivals of Fnatic.

The match began on de_dust2, where the Danish squad managed to win the knife round and started on the favored T side. DK Alexander 'ave' Holdt's team won the pistol round, as mTw infiltrated bombsite B with slow and patient attack. The Danes continued to outmatch team Fnatic during the gun rounds as well and scored total of six rounds in a row. The Swedes of Fnatic denied mTw from taking over bombsite B during the seventh round, as we witnessed SE Harley 'dsn' Örwall scoring a double kill with AWP, winning enough time for the in-game leader SE Patrik 'cArn' Sättermon to rotate and finish off the last remaining enemies. Team Fnatic won the next three rounds thanks to threat's good individual performance, but was forced down by mTw's devastating rush towards bombsite B during the eleventh round. The Danish side managed to win one more round after that, as Fnatic secured the last three remaining rounds of the first half, thanks to SE Oskar 'ins' Holm and SE Oscar 'Archi' Torgersen.

It seemed promising for the Swedes as mTw moved from the stronger offensive side with only one round advantage to the second half. Fnatic won the pistol round, but unfortunately for cArn's squad DK Jonas 'whiMp' Svendsen and DK Muhamed 'MJE' Eid managed to clutch the followed round in a two-on-two situation, despite being in a bad economic condition. Team mTw won the next four rounds in a row. The Swedes secured one last round with a middle and catwalk rush towards bombsite A, but were unable to stop mTw from taking the last three remaining rounds to win the game.

Moving to the second map, which was the classic de_train. Starting on the weaker T side, Fnatic won the pistol round with a rush to bombsite B. The Swedes repeated their successful attack one more time in result scoring the first three rounds of the second map. A sniping combination between DK Christoffer 'Sunde' Sunde and DK Danny 'zonic' Sørensen won mTw's first gun round. The Danes managed to score the sixth round flawlessly. Team mTw continued to dominate during the first half, as the AWP duo of zonic and Sunde was impenetrable for the Swedes. Combined with excellent play by the in-game leader ave, there was nothing for Fnatic to do and mTw won all the twelve rounds in a row.

During the second half we witnessed MJE sweeping off the Swedes during the pistol round, allowing his team to plant the bomb and secure bombsite B. Team Fnatic was on devastating economic crisis and was unable to continue in this fight. The Danish team mTw won the match in a dominating style.

The lineups for this competition only were:

Congratulations to the players of mTw for their outstanding performance and victory over the Swedish squad of Fnatic. Best regards to both organizations and teams for sharing this superb experience with us.

Stay tuned to SK Gaming for more interesting competitions.



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