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SK win the SMITE Kick-off LAN

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Jul 28, 2014 16:06

ImageFrom a tie-breaker game deciding whether we will attend the tournament to first place in the LAN event, we are your European SMITE champions!

The European SMITE Kick-off LAN was definitely the tournament of the underdogs. It all started with SK taking down Cloud 9 with two convincing wins - the guys had done their homework for both the pick and ban phase, and the ingame strategy needed to overcome the #1 seeded team. On the other side of the bracket, Team Coast achieved similar results kicking out of the tournament the big favourites from Team SoloMid with a 2-1 score.

Then it was time for the final and no one could have wished for a better one. Coast secured a quick victory in the first game, but SK retaliated in the best possible way winning the next two games relying on Zyrhoes' Thanatos and Realzx's great hunter mechanics. That forced Coast to ban Thanatos in the next game and it worked for them - 2:2 and it was up to the fifth and final game to decide the champion. With Thanatos banned once again, Zyrhoes brought out Nemesis and punished his opponents one last time. 3-2 for SK, a big group hug, $25,000 and this spectacular trophy added to the SK Gaming collection!

Final Standings

1. SK Gaming - $25,000
2. Team Coast - $12,500
3/4. Cloud 9 - $6250
3/4. Team SoloMid - $6250



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