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A song of Mechanics and Rotations: SK in LCS W9

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Jul 23, 2014 20:57

ImageWeek 9 came with lots of entertaining matches. Getting close to the playoffs, the teams had to make it count more than ever.

Day 1’s match-up was Millenium. They were almost on par with SK in the standings, while having arguably better performances lately than our squad. However, that close to the playoffs, you shouldn’t write any team off.

The new Millenium continues
As mentioned before, both teams were stuck at 50~% win chance. Therefore, this game was rather important, to win the neck on neck race by keeping the enemy underneath them.

Like their previous game, Millenium showed up really strong. Compared to last split, they seemed like a whole new team. And they started their dominance early on, as they 3 man ganked mid for a well played first blood. Now, if you have watched the previous weeks, you might think: Wait a minute. I've seen that before. Yes, it seemed like a dejavu. Hopefully, SK will find a counter play to that strategy and make Jesiz shine again.

As expected, Millenium took the lead and played it out quite well. However, SK flexed their “team fight muscles”, as they won more and more fights against Millenium, until they eventually got the lead for the first time in the game at about 35 minutes. The comeback train stopped right when it reached the typical turning point, also known as baron. While the baron looked rather safe, Kottenx made the play of the game by stealing Nashor's buff away. In the end, Millenium had the stronger nerves and managed to take down SK in this very important game.

Howling Wolves
Although SK had a rough game the day before, they seemed really confident in the pick and ban phase. With Svenskeren on Eve, many fans surely got a flashback of amazing plays and ganks by him.
Just as expected, the first jungler movement was spotted on bot lane. I usually call the early bot lane gank “The Svenskeren”, because they used to do it quite a lot. And once again, The Svenskeren turned out to be a success, getting the Evelynn first blood. SK played well on lane this time, but to everyone's surprise, the Wolves were outplaying SK in terms of rotations, and their picks were the main reason why they managed to get ahead slowly.

One could say a 4k gold lead isn't that much, but the Wolves made it look like they already had the 10k gold advantage. A fed Tristana and a fed Orianna simply turned out to be too big to comeback against. Wolves took the victory, another reason for their symbolic howling.



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