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nRated challenging LCS stars in DPAT

By René 'Rene' L.
Jul 23, 2014 13:38

ImageSK Gaming's nRated is challenging his LCS colleagues xPeke, Overpow and kev1n once more, but on a different stage this time. The Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament is in the semifinal phase, and nRated is aiming for the Grand Final at gamescom 2014 with his team Planetkey Dynamics.

The Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament is in it's second edition this year. After the SK Allstar team suffered a narrow defeat to the mousesports Allstars last year, Chris "DE nRated" Seitz was looking to do even better this year and picked up a difficult but interesting challenge.

Over the course of eight different qualifiers, four decorated and well known LCS players were looking to draft four teams each and ultimately find the best (non/semi-professional) team to support them in the most anticipated event attendance of their career at the Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament Grand Final on the big gaming stage at gamescom 2014.

Highlights Team Final SK Gaming

The Teams

DE n!faculty with ES xPeke
Fnatic's xPeke saw an interesting and thrilling Team Final, with two German EPS teams in the competition. Both n!faculty and PENTA Sports advanced to the Final with a good performance. MounTain and Pronbear, who have been on the Dr Pepper SK Allstar team at last year's gamescom, managed to claim a close 2:1 victory with n!faculty over PENTA Sports.

DE WardsS with PL Overpow
Warding the Backyard, or WardsS in short has upset the Overpow's Team Final by defeating the regular season leader of the German EPS (Playing Ducks) as well as the EPS playoff team ESC Gaming, without losing a single map in the process.

DE Crowd Control with DE kev1n
With Intox and kevko as well as Intix, Crowd Control has three players that have already participated at last year's DPAT Grand Final at gamescom. Their strong performance was no surprise as they've crushed through the Team Finals.

DE Planetkey Dynamics with DE nRated
Big surprise in nRated's own Team Final: While SK Prime showcased a demonstration of strength in the qualifier, they've lost to a well-performing Planetkey Dynamics in the Team Final. Planetkey has been casted by nRated early on in the tournament and they've definitely proven that he is also a very good talent scout.

The Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament Final Four event will take place on August 2nd, and will be broadcasted in English and German. Only two teams will advance to the Grand Final at gamescom 2014. Support nRated and his Dr Pepper team, when they challenge xPeke, Overpow and kev1n!

Highlights Team Final SK Gaming

Schedule 2014

02.08.2014 | Final Four Tournament
14.08.2014 | Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament Final @ gamescom 2014

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