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NewBee wins The International 2014, $5 million

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jul 21, 2014 23:21

ImageIn an anticlimactic showdown, NewBee overcame ViCi Gaming to win the largest prize in the history of competitive gaming.

After a long and exciting road, US The International 2014 has come to a sudden and unexpectedly early close, as CN NewBee has defeated CN ViCi Gaming . With a 3-1 victory, NewBee are the new reigning Dota 2 champions and will have their names included in-game, alongside their predecessors from UA Natus Vincere , CN Invictus Gaming and SE Alliance . They will now fly back to China for an extended break from the game, which will be complemented by their Aegis of Champions trophy and five million dollar prize.

Despite hours of build-up prior to the actual matches, the gameplay proved to be a subject of discontentment for many viewers. After doing ten-minute press conferences, the first game kicked off, with ViCi securing an early advantage, which led to a proportionally early win. The next two games proved to be the same story, simply with roles reversed in favor of NewBee. Fifteen minutes into the third game, NewBee had established complete dominance through gank kills and team fights and not far beyond the fall of the first tower, ViCi called, "GG". Reddit boards were enflamed with disappointed viewers and audience members in KeyArena looked to one another in a confused manner, as if unsure if the tournament had actually ended.

With this victory, NewBee has usurped Na'Vi has the highest-earning esports team of all time. The aforementioned Ukrainian squad retained this title for an entire three years, which has been predominantly built by one championship and two runner-up performances. If you were to direct your attention to the SK Gaming Esports Index, you will find that with the conclusion of this tournament, the Counter-Strike legends of old, such as SK, Na'Vi, Fnatic and mouz, are no longer present in the top ten rankings. Rather, it is comprehensively filled with multiplayer online battle arena teams, with eight from Dota 2 and two from League of Legends.

Final standings from The International 2014
1st - CN NewBee - $5,028,308
2nd - CN ViCi Gaming - $1,475,699
3rd - US Evil Geniuses - $1,038,455
4th - CN Team DK - $819,833
5/6th - EU Cloud 9 - $655,866
5/6th - CN LGD-Gaming cn - $655,866
7/8th - CN Invictus Gaming - $519,227
7/8th - UA Natus Vincere - $519,227
9/10th - MY Titan eSports - $49,190
9/10th - US Team Liquid - $49,190
11th/12th - DE mousesports - $38,259
11th/12th - SE Alliance - $38,259
13th/14th - UA Team Empire - $21,862
13th/14th - EU Fnatic EU - $21,862
15th - US Natus Vincere US
16th - MY Arrow Gaming



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