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Hazard Ops commences: Overview

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Jul 19, 2014 15:46

ImageThe third person tactical shooter experience began on Wednesday. See our first impressions inside.

Coming into the game I was a tad bit rusty – not playing shooters for a while, I felt that I had somewhat “forgotten” the feeling, but on the other hand, seeing the screenshots and the option for both PvE and PvP, the thirst to walk out and eliminate a group of opponents with a single pull of the trigger was a sensation which I was hopefully going to experience over and over with Hazard Ops. After my first ten hours of gameplay, I was definitely not disappointed. After quickly downloading and patching the client, I created my account and entered the game. What greeted me was a flurry of customization options, achievements, maps, characters, game modes, enemies, missions, bosses and most importantly – bullets!

My mercenary in all of his scoundrel-ish beauty!

First and foremost is character creation. You will be given a wide range of customizable options, from appearance through clothing and finishing at voice, your mercenary alter-ego will be tailored exactly to your taste. Once that is done, you are faced with the choice between two game modes. Combining the best of both worlds, the game is separated into a PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player) modes. Each has its unique charm, drive and game style once entered. Shamelessly excusing my bad aim and rusty reflexes I clicked on PvE and fortunately, the developers were one step ahead.

Best of both worlds - PvE and PvP tailored to everyone's taste.

I was greeted by a screen which politely asked me to join the tutorial, a choice I gladly took. A both static and interactive in its own ways, I would urge everyone to give up 10 minutes of his game play experience just to familiarize himself/herself with all the intricacies of the Hazard Ops battlefield in order to avoid sticky situations once it counts. After finishing it I quickly joined a server in order to experience the PvE aspect of the game. Joined by a squad comprised of seasoned mercenaries I was tasked with defending myself and my comrades against hordes of zombies. While a straight-forward concept in theory, the small details such as terrain, cooperation, gun usage and defensive positions (points we will touch in-depth in later pieces) made it an exciting experience, especially when the undead throng became stronger with each wave…

Once that was done, I was greeted by tons of rewards from completed achievements and missions (more on that in later pieces) which I felt as a good pat on the back given the amount of zombies I eliminated. The logical choice now was switching to the PvP mode. Surprisingly the Player versus Player experience is at least twice as “colourful” with four modes to choose from – Free for All, Elimination, Demolition, Team Deathmatch and Beast. Five game modes, definitely something I did not expect.

Zombie opponents in the PvE mode are a blast!

With a decent amount of hours since the start of the beta, I still haven’t had the chance to touch upon all the parts of the game, something that is about to change in the upcoming future. There are still a ton of interesting aspects of HazardOps - boss levels, Demolition and Beast mode, Achievements, Ranking, the integrated social system, the in-game currency, character progression and tons of fun, among others.

While waiting for the next article in the series why not join in on the action? All you have to do is visit The Hazard Ops website and create an account. See you on the battlefield!



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