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Thorin establishes new CS:GO talk show

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jul 18, 2014 08:45

ImageDevilwalk and Anders were the guests of the pilot episode of Counter-Points.

The current Senior eSports Content Creator for onGamers UK Duncan 'Thorin' Shields released the first episode of his new talk show named Counter-Points with RoomOnFire caster DK Anders Blume and former Fnatic player and current team coach SE Jonatan 'Devilwalk' Lundberg as guests.

The pilot episode was over two hours length and featured interesting topics such as the new RoomOnFire casting platform, deep overview of the reasons why Fnatic was unable to perform on top level after their victory at DreamHack Summer 2013 and the decision to change their Counter-Strike lineup by removing Devilwalk and SE Andreas 'schneider' Lindberg and replacing them with the former LGB eSports players SE Freddy 'KRiMZ' Johansson and SE Olof 'olofm' Kajbjer, the North American team iBUYPOWER and their dominance at the sixteenth season of ESEA Invite and Valve's lack of communication with professional players and their decision to change the map pool one month before the upcoming major tournament and to add two untested in competitive environment maps.

The following topics has been covered in this episode:

00:05 Intro

03:09 Anders' new channel - Room On Fire

06:28 fnatic removing Devilwalk and schneider, replacing them with KRiMZ and olofm

09:10 Not wanting to remove players

15:10 How good fnatic were with the previous line-up.

17:40 fnatic's tactical style being exposed

21:56 Breaking down the old fnatic roster

27:35 Motivation

33:00 fnatic's dedication before Dreamhack Winter

35:54 Viewing pro-gaming as a job, rather than a hobby, in terms of roster moves

41:43 Was this the right roster move for fnatic?

54:48 The new players doing the role-playing in the new fnatic

1:07:28 ESEA S16 finals, iBP's win

1:15:29 The home team winning events conundrum
1:17:20 NiP not finishing top 4, for the first time

1:20:18 Predicting how iBP will place at ESL One Cologne

1:21:55 Why the strengths of underdogs get reduced once they place highly.

1:26:28 Does CS:GO need new maps?

1:29:26 A map pool of 7 maps and a better pick/ban system

1:33:37 Should this map pool include cbblestone and overpass, 1 month out from the tourney?

1:48:00 The argument of pro-gamers needing to practice new maps as part of their job

1:52:52 The issue of rewarding people who adapt

1:57:00 The random three map veto system

2:02:30 Valve's lack of transparency

2:07:40 Different players have different levels of contact with Valve/csgo's devs

2:13:49 Valve not letting the _se maps be used

2:17:55 Maps that are nearly always banned as a sign they aren't competitively appropriate

2:24:42 Final words/Outro


Stay tuned to SK Gaming for future episodes.




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