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QuakeCon 2014: Rapha with a medal

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Jul 17, 2014 19:41

ImageShane 'Rapha' Hendrixon, one of SK's best assets and one of Quake's best players ever, on his journey on the battlefield of QuakeCon.

Given his iconic status paired with monstrous results, Shane has been seeded among 3 more elite players in Group A. Along with Belorussian rocket maestro BY Cypher, Russian aim monster RU Evil and fellow American all-rounder US DaHang, rapha will be looking to add another title to his already impressive trophy case.

Last year, Shane combined both titles as he won both the Duel and Clan Arena QuakeCon Challenge, thus tying BY Cypher in QuakeCon trophies (three each) and being the first person in the history of the tournament to win both first places.

To determine the Duel Invitational seeding, the different tiers had to play a round-robin group stage:

Group A
1. US DaHang - 3W 0L
2. BY Cypher - 1W 2L
3. US Rapha - 1W 2L
4. RU Evil - 1W 2L

Surprisingly, the Russian RU Evil, who was hailed as one of the main contenders coming into QuakeCon was quickly dispatched by BY Cypher and US DaHang. As we all know, domestic competition is the toughest. Pulling an upset, US DaHang snatched the first series 2-1 against Rapha, but our star quickly bounced back by punishing BY Cypher with a 2-1 series win. In the end, US DaHang got the best of everyone and finished at the top.

The Duel Masters invitational

SK's finest started the journey through the bracket with two very convincing victories. Facing US Apparition_ in the first round, Shane disposed of the challenger in a dominant fashion to proceed to the quarter-finals. What awaited on the battleground was the seasoned European veteran FR winz. Despite the numerous games under his belt the Frenchman was no match for Rapha who closed the series with a 3-0 and was preparing to face the legend SE tox.

This series proved disastrous to the American. Relying on his heavy aim and pressuring style, the Swede snatched game one. The sparks were however there and Shane immediately retaliated and equalized the series. What followed was a mix of mistakes, combined with a hitting toxic - a combination which spelled disaster for SK's player. Unfortunately, Shane fell with a 3-1 scoreline, a situation which most definitely made BY Cypher, RU evil and US DaHang draw a sigh of relief.

SK.Rapha's run through the QuakeCon 2014 Duel Invitational

1/16 finals: US SK.Rapha 3 - 0 US Apparition_
1/8 finals: US SK.Rapha 3 - 0 FR winz
1/4 finals: US SK.Rapha 1 - 3 SE tox_

Final Duel Standings:

1. BY Alexey 'Titan.Cypher' Yanushevski
2. US Tim 'Point.DaHang' Foggarty
3. RU Sergey 'evil' Orekhov
4. SE Johan 'Tox' Quick
5. US Shane 'SK.Rapha' Hendrixon

The Belorussian Beast first broke the three-way-tie and made history with 4 QuakeCon titles.

This meant that Rapha was out of the competition which more or less became a playground for his greatest rival - BY Alexey 'Cypher' Yanushevsky. As expected, the Beast from the East dominated the finals against US DaHang and added a historic fourth QuakeCon first place title to his already impressive trophy cabinet.

Rapha, welp and the CTF Open

Despite the setback, Rapha teamed up with US cl0ck, CA id__ and US psygib in team welp as to challenge the CTF medals. Known as a well-rounder in almost every game mode, Rapha lead his team to victory until they reached the European force that is Unknown (FR winz, FI gerppa, IT zyrix and FR l1nk1n). The unfortunate loss to the Europeans, moved welp to the lower bracket. There, they fought their way back to the Grand Final, but not before taking sweet revenge on Unknown to eliminate them in third place. QuakeCon 2014, however, was just not Rapha's tournament. Welp lost 2 - 1 to 2014 and thus took the Silver medals home.

US Welp's run through the QuakeCon 2014 CTF tournament bracket:

Upper bracket
Round 1: US u.s.a. 0 - 2 US welp
Round 2: US Rainbow 0 - 2 US welp
Round 3: EU Unknown 2 - 0 US welp

Lower bracket

Round 4: US welp 2 - 0 US Expendables
Round 5: US welp 2 - 0 US SAKE
Lower bracket final: US welp 2 - 1 EU Unknown

Grand Final: US welp 1 - 2 US 2014

QuakeCon 2014 CTF final standings:

1. US 2014 - ZeRo4, DaHang, Whaz, br1ck
2. US welp - id__, cl0ck, rapha, psygib
3. EU Unknown - winz, l1nk1n, gerppa, zyrix

This concludes the QuakeCon 2014 tournament. Despite this being the third time in which Shane places outside the top 3 in his entire competitive career in a duel tournament, we at SK are extremely proud that he waved our flag high and proud.



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