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A song of Mechanics and Rotations: SK in LCS W8

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Jul 14, 2014 19:36

ImageAfter Superweek where we went 2-2 and lost the lead over the bottom 6 teams, SK looked to strike back and not drop into the middle of the pack.

SK Gaming vs. ROCCAT

Despite their loss in week 6, ROCCAT seemed to have a better gameplan this time around. SK went for a straight up pick comp with the late game protection for Kog'Maw in the form of Yorick and the single target CC the other SK members provide. Overpow showed his strength on Fizz, building a lead early on (even though he went with teleport). But besides the early kill lead by ROCCAT, SK managed to keep the gold even with a small tower advantage and good dragon control. The fact that Fredy outfarmed Xaxus on Gragas heavily helped them out as well.

Since Xaxus was too weak to split against Fredy, ROCCAT sent over Overpow to deal with the gravedigger. On top of this, SK hardly tried to avoid team fights even though their team composition is looking for picks and not straight up 5v5 fights. ROCCAT did a great job forcing these big team fights by forcing objectives and having the better split pusher. In the end, CandyPanda was strong enough to team fight but since Fredy was forced to defend the split push against Overpow, and mostly dying to him, SK wasn't able to utilize their strong late game combination.

SK Gaming vs. Fnatic

The second game for SK and the last game of this week of LCS featured the El Clasico - Fnatic vs. SK Gaming.

SK surprised with a few new picks and some fall-backs in the form of Orianna for Jesiz and Morgana for nRated. Fredy picked up the flavour of the month Gragas, CandyPanda got his hands on Corki and Svenskeren picked up the Piltover Enforcer, Vi.

Fnatic initiated a lane swap that gave them first blood onto Fredy but picked up the counter dragon for a little bit of tower damage. More and more, Fnatic got the upper hand in small team fights as well as in dragon fights but the gold count was still close until the 21st minute.

In the midgame it almost looked like SK wasn't sure about their engages, both Vi and Gragas going in one by one. By the fact that Fnatic lane swapped and gave Rekless his free time farming he shined in the later stages of the game on one of his favourite champions, Vayne. A pick on Fredy and Svenskeren at the toplane allowed Fnatic to pick up the Baron uncontested in the 29th minute. After a failed siege by Fnatic, the game slowed down again. With the next Baron spawn, a huge Mega Inferno Bomb by xPeke which did an immense amount of damage on four of SK's members, gave them an easy Baron and the win on the next push.

Standings of the EU LCS

It's getting really close towards the end of the split with a handful of teams fighting for the second spot to secure their existence in the EU LCS and their shot for a spot in the "World Championship" in Korea. SK will face off against Millenium and the Copenhagen Wolves in next week’s matches!



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