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ESL changes the map pool for EMS One Cologne

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jul 11, 2014 18:02

ImageThe upcoming $250,000 tournament will now feature total of seven maps.

The Electronic Sports League, together with Valve Corporation decided to tweak the map pool for the upcoming community-funded $250,000 EMS One tournament in Cologne, Germany.

It now consists of total seven maps as de_train was removed due to being banned too often and replaced with the now no longer Operation map de_cache, co-developed by the former Team 3D star US Salvatore 'Volcano' Garozzo. In addition to this, the two new maps de_cobblestone and de_overpass has been added to the map pool too in order to enhance the overall experience.

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) stated the following:

"This randomized potential third map or even map to play gives teams new options and things to consider while banning maps.

With train, the most banned map, out of the way, new options arise here.

Do you either ban those maps that your opponents are known to be good at or do you ban the new maps which could be a good or bad choice for both teams."

The official map pool for the upcoming tournament is now the following:


Although that professional players such as FR Nathan 'NBK' Schmitt stated that the two new maps should be first tested in competitive environment before being put in major event, because they might give an advantage to weaker teams to upset the top and also provide too random results, yet agreed that the change will affect positively both the competitors and viewers. His blog regarding the map pool change can be found at

All the mentioned maps above are now available free for all players, including de_cache which was in past accessible for Operation players only. The $250,000 EMS One tournament is scheduled to start on August 14th-17th in Cologne, Germany. Stay tuned to SK Gaming as we will release more information about the event soon.




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