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TI4: China takes the lead

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jul 11, 2014 06:54

ImageThe second day of The International 2014 playoffs has come to a close. As of now, the Chinese teams have generally taken spots at the top of the rankings.

While yesterday may be described as a massive battle royale with no clear leaders with a firm position, the events of today that ended just moments ago is another matter entirely. As anticipated, the general placings and performance outlooks of US The International 2014 took shape, with some teams solidifying their placements, while others played like their players from yesterday were imposters. Arguably the detail with the most impact was the overall performance of the Chinese teams, who ended the day at the uppermost portion of the rankings.

While EU Cloud 9 may have given the most convincing performance yesterday, they experienced polar opposite results today, earning one win and four losses, driving them from the top to the middle of the rankings. Meanwhile, US Natus Vincere US could not replicate their previous results, which brought them to the bottom eight teams of the tournament and put them in danger of elimination. While SE Alliance performed better today, they experienced a defeat to their equally-struggling counterparts from EU Fnatic EU, leaving them in the territory of not advancing to the main event.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, certain teams changed their direction and clarified their tenacity at the event. Most notably, MY Arrow Gaming , the "skunks" of the competition, lost their first three matches, but overpowered two juggernaut competitors in the form of Na'Vi.US and Liquid. The most prominent of the team was MY Kok Yi 'ddz' Liong, who repeatedly kept his team in the game with his finesse utilizing heroes such as Clockwerk and Invoker. If DE Max 'qojqva' Broecker was the most valuable player of yesterday, then ddz was the MVP of today.

July 10 Rankings
1. CN ViCi Gaming (7-1)
2. CN Team DK (6-3)
3. US Evil Geniuses (6-3)
4. CN Invictus Gaming (6-3)
5. UA Natus Vincere (5-3)
6. EU Cloud 9 (5-4)
7. MY Titan eSports (5-4)
8. US Team Liquid (5-4)
9. CN NewBee (5-5)
10. SE Alliance (4-5)
11. EU Fnatic EU (4-5)
12. US Natus Vincere US (4-5)
13. UA Team Empire (3-6)
14. CN LGD-Gaming cn (3-6)
15. DE mousesports (2-7)
16. MY Arrow Gaming (2-8)

Tonight is the night in which we find out who will be the top eight to be present at KeyArena next week! Tune in for more action from The International 2014!



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