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A song of Mechanics and Rotations: SK in LCS W7

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Jul 9, 2014 08:16

ImageSuper Week is barely over and we had lots of action going on. Did you miss it? Then read on!

Four matches, three days and one team trying to get back to the first place spot. This week was a week to watch!

A weakened legend

Gambit Gaming was the enemy team to beat. While they were considered SK’s kryptonite, they struggled a lot lately. Nevertheless, this surely can be considered a classic.

The Russian's performance did not improve compared to last week. Not counting in the 3 kills they got in the mid game, which may have lightened up a glimpse of hope for a comeback, Gambit looked rather helpless. About 30 minutes into the game, SK was able to finish them off with a convincing 17k gold lead and 15-3 on the scoreboard.

Alliance and Supa hot crew: a rematch

Once again SK meets Alliance, who may even be called their #1 rival soon. Froggen’s “superteam” is looking stronger and stronger lately. Was SK the team to stop them?
To no surprise, Alliance started their aggression early on. They took over control over their enemies and once again it seemed like SK needs to step up their early game coordination. Similar to game two, this game ended in a massacre. Proving Alliance were too strong in this game, SK decided to surrender at minute 21 while the scoreboard showed 0-12.
Being 1 – 1 in the super week, SK was looking forward to get back up after a devastating loss. Supa hot crew was the next team on the list. By the looks of their faces they were prepared, however SHC surprised them by showing up really strong.

Even though SK seemed to fix their early game problem by controlling the pace in the first couple of minutes, they overstayed their welcome in the mid lane and gave SHC the chance to get some kills back. This small lead seemed really significant, as they build up their lead from that point on. In a thrilling 60 minute game MrRallez showed up big with a 11-1-6 score on Kog'Maw. Paired with Kassadin, the void duo eventually got the better of their enemies and managed to take down SK Gaming in a 5-0 ace.

Defeating the pack

The final day was a must win, in order to prevent a disastrous 1-3 super week. SK had to take on the Wolves, who just won their game against the team that seemed invincible in their first place spot.
Although SK played extremely well as a team in their final game, there was one person who stood out: It was none other than Jesiz on Twisted fate. SK got their revenge and they were able to show off in a game someone might call a stomp. Get a 12-1 TF and add a nice 9-3 Caitlyn to get a game full of highlight plays. After only 26 minutes and 27-8 in kills, our team has once again showed that they are a team that should be respected.



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