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Get a Hazard Ops beta access with SK Gaming

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jul 4, 2014 15:28

ImageWe are giving away a few exclusive keys for the closed beta of Hazard Ops.

Enjoy together with SK Gaming the world of Hazard Ops, an upcoming next generation third-person shooter, which gives the player massive modern battle experience and scenario. Choose from the large variety of characters and devastating weapons and join the International Coalition Forces in the war against the horrifying monsters who are seeking for total annihilation of the planet. You will meet with and challenge various creatures such as zombies, mutants and even dinosaurs!


Call your friends or find new and raid one of the many game modes that Hazard Ops is offering you. Play Elimination, Survival, Deathmatch, Assault or Extermination and make your mark as one of the few who stands up for the human specie. What could be better than be paid for killing monsters? Or maybe you want something spicier? Feel free to challenge other players in all kind of surrounding environment. The choice is all yours. Do not forget to try out the heavy armored vehicles too!


You think that you are tough enough for this? Come and join the competition together with SK Gaming and align yourself for a beta access key now. You only have to type your email address in the website linked below and hope that you will be one of the few to have a hell of a time heavy duty. Remember that first come, first serve, so do not waste a moment if you want to get your hands on one of the keys!

For more information visit



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