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Interview with PES World Champion Phayton

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
Jun 30, 2014 19:25

ImageJust a few days before the PES World Finals 2014 is going to start in Manchester's Old Trafford Stadium, we interviewed last year's PES World Champion and SK player Patrick 'Phayton' Maier.

There are only a few days left till this year's PES World Finals 2014 will take place in the Old Trafford Stadium. With last year's PES World Champion Patrick 'Phayton' Maier, who will try to defend his title, SK Gaming will have a player on the ground. But before Patrick makes his way to Manchester, we have spoken to him and of course asked him a few questions about the tournament.

Hi Patrick! Thank you for taking the time for this little interview just before this year's championship in Manchester. First question: What is your opinion on the new PES title in contrast to the previous one?

Unfortunately, PES 2014 compared of PES 2013 became very bad. With PES 2013, Konami created a super foundation which they have completely destroyed by using their new Fox Engine in PES 2014. PES 2014 looks immature and flawed, which is the reason why the competitive capability and your enthusiasm playing the game are significantly lower than it was in PES 2013.

Full classic question: PES or FIFA? What is the difference, except for the two different developer studios? And what impact the new consoles had in the past months?

I have tried FIFA this year, but in my opinion the game is too static and not as dynamic as PES. On the PS4 FIFA should indeed be better, but I only made ​​it to 3-4 games on the PS4 so I can not really judge it.
I'm supporting PES since the fourth version, and unfortunately I had to find out that the latest offshoots got worse and worse. Nevertheless, I have remained with PES and really hope that Konami will be able to manage a better transition into the new Playstation 4 console with a game that will bring back the good gameplay engine and a great feeling within the game.

Many may wonder why it has become a little quieter lately for the reigning World Champion of PES. What have you been up to in the the last few months?

I tested (as I just indicated above) FIFA for a very long time. The game has, however, not convinced me. PES 2014 is, unfortunately, as also indicated, not at all very well done and is extremely immature. As an example: Sometimes the player drops the ball and runs towards the goal keeper without the ball, without the chance that you can do something against it.
Konami has the Chilean League (or similar, I've never seen exactly that) integrated into the game and thus brought an extra to the game, which does not interest me. It would have been much more important in my eyes to put the focus on the gameplay, because it looks as if the game was completed only at a level of 50%.
I also concentrated on my studies in the last semester and successfully left all exams behind me.

Patrick at the victory ceremony from last year's PES World Finals in Dubai's World Trade Center.

Congratulations for that! How do you rate your chances for a comeback at the upcoming World Cup after you finished your time-consuming studies?

Since I have barely played PES this year, I guess my chances are not very high. But with the necessary little bit of luck and my experience, I will try to make the best of it. Nothing is impossible :-)

Regardless of how your placement in the World Cup will look like: Do you want to continue playing Virtual Soccer Games on a professional level? Will you go for a change perhaps?

I intend to continue this for a long time. Whether it will be with PES or if I'll be convinced of FIFA 15 on PS4 will depend on how Konami manages the new part. My hope is of course that the new PES will be a blast again and the "PES flair" returns.

Last question: What's next in your private life? What are your goals?

Soon I will have the graduation ceremony of my studies and I'm going to work in southern Hesse from early August on. Until then I will use the time to move and to travel in the holidays. Then it's first to focus on the new job and then of course to be seen, the new PES ;-)

Thank you for this short conversation Patrick. We wish you the best of luck for your new job and of course for the upcoming PES World Finals 2014 in Manchester.

At this year's World Finals a total sum of $15.000 will be waiting for the winner alongside with the title of the new (maybe old and new) PES World Champion. The event will start on July 2nd, and is going to be broadcast live from the Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester via If you want to keep in touch with Patrick 'Phayton' Maier, just like his official Facebook page for updates from the PES Finals, pictures and much more!



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