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CS:GO Update: balance pistols

By Marvin 'Destroyer1721' Horstmann
Jun 28, 2014 08:27

ImageThe CS:GO developers will be releasing an update that will balance out the CZ75a.

Finally there are changes for the CZ75a. According to the official blog post, the CZ is the most purchased pistol in the game and has shifted tremendously in popularity over the last few months. This means that the pistol is obviously too powerful and will need to have a change.

The developers have added a variety in weapons purchased as the M4A4 was the most popular and as changed came in, the variety of weapons bought developed over the following months. As early as this month, things seemed to be evenly split between the M4A4 and the M4A1-S and as a result of this experiment from the Arms Deal Update, the developers will be doing the same with pistols.

The update has no actual release yet but is more details are expected to come out soon whether or not the developers will nerf the CZ75 or buff the power of other pistols. What do you think of these updates? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Balancing Act



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