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A song of Mechanics and Rotations: SK in LCS W6

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Jun 30, 2014 13:18

ImageAfter the amazing road trip to the "Wembley Stadium" in London, the EU LCS went back to their hometown Cologne. SK Gaming played against ROCCAT on Thursday and Millenium on Friday.

SK Gaming vs. ROCCAT

The reputed more difficult game of this week was against ROCCAT. The Polish were on a four-game winning streak after LCS London and came into this week with high expectations.

The game started off very aggressively with Svenskeren trying to get an early edge over Jankos even though he had a difficult stand as Evelynn against the blind monk. He paid with his life and the game slowed down immediately. With ROCCAT building an early kill lead, they weren't able to work out a gold lead as well. CaitlynPanda and co. were ahead in gold all throughout the game and knew how their champions will excel in the late game. Especially the combination of Kayle's Intervention and Aatrox's passive stalled out the team fights so long that both Kayle and Caitlyn were able to release their good damage potential. Even though the kill counts in the team fights were pretty low, SK always managed to come out ahead and often got important objectives afterwards. In the 35th minute, SK took down all three inhibitors and simply flooded ROCCAT's base with super minions and took home the victory.


SK Gaming vs. Millenium

The slow early game accelerated in the 9th minute when Jree decided to go all in on nRated and pick up the first blood. Svenskeren decided to pick Evelynn again but didn't quite had a great of an impact on the early game as he had in the game against ROCCAT. Nevertheless, SK tried to keep their focus on objectives, rotating as small groups to take them down. But Millenium knew that and utilized the Twisted Fate pick good and interrupted SK's rotations with picking up solo members of SK. Until the 25th minute the gold was bang even and SK trusted in their good late game scaling once again. A beautiful play by KottenX with kicking CandyPanda into his own team snowballed the game heavily in MIL's favour and after the Baron fight where they could pick up several kills as well as the Nashor itself they rushed in SK's base and finished the game right away.


SK established their second position in the standings right behind Alliance and will play in next week’s super week against Gambit, Supa Hot Crew, Copenhagen Wolves and Alliance. Make sure to tune in when the action starts at Tuesday, the 1st of July!



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