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SK Prime in the "TSM Invitational" Semi-Final

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Jun 23, 2014 20:00

ImageSK Gaming Prime participated in today’s TSM Invitational against Keyd Stars. All eyes were on SK Prime’s try-out jungler Brokenshard!

NiP, SK Prime, Keyd Stars and n!faculty were the invited teams and Watdefox and crew had to face the Brazilians in the first semi-final of the day. After a rather successful Dreamhack Summer (lost against Reason Gaming in the semi-final), they had a rough start against Keyd and their star ADC “btt”. The first game was dominant for the Brazilians. They straight up won all three lanes which gave their jungler the freedom to invade and completely demolish SK Prime in their half of the map.

Second game was the complete opposite! Watdefox on Yasuo outplayed his opponent several times and looked way more comfortable than on Lulu, which he picked in the first match. Also, Zyzz got his hands on Lucian whereas he picked Twitch in the first round, a champion that got hit way too hard in the recent patch. This match also ended fairly early and with a tied score, SK Prime went into the deciding match.

SK Prime brought the momentum from the second game right into the third. With both carries being fed from the early game, they snowballed their lead throughout the mid and into the late game. The only problem was the Ziggs pick from Keyd Stars which delayed the match a lot. After some great picks and with the help of the unstoppable Zyzz, SKP was able to close out the game with a good dive on the bottom inhibitor turret. They will now advance to the winners bracket and will play against the winner of n!faculty and Ninjas in Pyjamas tomorrow at 7 PM CEST.

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