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In Spotlight: Miss Rage

By T. 'Southn' M.
Jun 25, 2014 07:14

ImageGiving the voice today to one of the leading female community streamers. The real Miss Rage is sitting down for an interview with us and shares her thoughts about the community.

Hello everyone and welcome back to In Spotlight. After now making several interviews with professional players we decided to give you today a different kind of content. We are passing the microphone today over to one of the leading female amateur streamers on twitch.

Hello Julia "Miss Rage" welcome to In Spotlight and welcome to SK Gaming. For everyone who does not know you, would you please shortly introduce yourself.

"My name is Julia but my friends and community calls me Miss Rage. I am 24 and coming from Austria (no Kangaroos!). I'm a twitch streamer for a bit more than a year now, and still enjoying the ride!"

Today we decided to pick someone from the community to give a voice to those people who support our beloved eSport what exactly are you doing?

"There are two kinds of streamers on Twitch. Pro players that show the highest level of plays, and entertainers, which I'm a part of. I started streaming League of Legends, and since few months I started playing CSGO."

Everyday around 1000 people more or less are watching your stream, what does your stream make so successful?

"First, I am trying to constantly interact with my chat and the community that I slowly built, and many of my mods are long time viewers of my stream. Second, I am really into the games that I play and when you're giving your best at something, you often go to a point where... You rage, and you can guess that it's also where my nickname comes from. Third, I'm just trying to be myself and that's probably also a reason why I have a constant number of persons watching."

Let's talk about the games in general. You are playing mainly League of Legends and CS:GO, what is the charm especially with those two games for you?

"I've been playing CSGO for few months now, and it got me hooked for simple reasons. First I took it as a new challenge. I've never really played a FPS game on PC, and coming into the game is a complete different experience than League. I can feel my improvements day after day, and it keeps my motivation and my will to play the game up high.
For League, I like the idea of the game. Although you always play the same characters and with the same people, outcomes can always be different when you're in a game. Also, the whole community that has been built around it, and all the show that is put around the game makes it even more attractive for all the players."

For now one year you are streaming and just celebrated your 1st anniversary what are your plans for the future?

"I mainly have two goals. The first one would be to live off my passion. I am working in a 40hours job at the moment and I don't see myself in an office job where you operate the same tasks day after day. Esports grew up a lot and it would be pretty realistic to aim for a job as a full time streamer.
My second (This one is a bit crazier) goal is to become one of the biggest female streamers, like Hafu. She's doing a respectful job and getting the amount of viewers she deserves, unlike an 'entertainer' like Kaceytron, that just mainly plays the 'stupid girl' role, giving a bad opinion for people about girl gamers."

Where do you see in general at the moment the development of streamers on

"I think that streaming in general is getting more and more attention, and will keep growing in the same way as the whole eSports-community. In my opinion the progamers will always stay on top with the viewernumbers ( beside tournaments) . Everyone know their names and people like to see their idols in a more privat way and maybe get the chance to get an answer to a question or even get the chance to play in a viewergame. It takes a lot more time and effort to build such a community without a organisation/team in the background, you need to be constant, special and always give the viewers new content so they dont get tired of watching.
So i think the number of entertainers will rise a lot, but only the best and the most constant will really make their way to the top."

Is it hard for you to exist under all those male streamers?

"On one hand, you get attention in an easier way. Some people will tune in to channels just because 'omg she's a girl playing'. It is good for the early stages of the stream. On the other hand, it is harder to keep the number of viewers constant. On the internet, people judge extremely easily and you only have few minutes to prove yourself as an entertainer. "

When you would have the chance to improve the streaming platform what would you change ?

"My main change that I would like to see would be to include a strawpoll within the chat. It would be easier to interact with your chat and letting them a bit more control on it. Also, it would be pretty cool to have a ranking system for the viewers watching your stream. The more those people are chatting and watching your stream, the better their rank and 'icon' would be in the chat."

What is your dream you want to achieve by streaming?

"I would like, in the end, to make a living out of my passion. I've been into games since my childhood, and with eSports expanding that quick, I would love being an active part of it."

Do you think you are a marketing person for partners like Face It or you see yourself more as ambassador of the community out there?

"It all starts by a marketing approach. When I get contacted by organisations, we don't know each other and things are very clear and professional at the beginning. Then, those relationships evolve and depending of the partners I have, I am willing to become that 'ambassador' and help them grow out more. So in the end, it shares both point of views."

Miss Rage

Most people know you are the girlfriend of Nathan "NBK" Schmitt, a well known progamer from Titan eSports, did this also change your view on professional esport?

"It definitely did. It showed me that Esports is not as easy and beautiful it can look from the outside. It showed me that it takes an insane amount of work to stay at a professional level and to fulfil all the requirements to be a progamer."

Thanks for joining us today and the last word and shoutouts are up to you.

"Well thanks to the one and only MissRageArmy for following all my adventures throughout the streams! Also thanks to PlanetKey for believing in me since the beginning, shoutout to FaceIt for this new partnership and thanks to skinsforlol! A last shoutout to my mods that are always helping me making my stream better, it would've been almost impossible without them!"

Please be respectful in your comments because we are supporting with these interviews upcoming people from the scene.



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