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A song of Mechanics and Rotations: SK in LCS W4

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Jun 16, 2014 17:32

ImageAnother week passed us by as the boys faced two foes with different expectations.

This week SK Gaming had to play Fnatic in the opening match. The latter were struggling to put up consistent results, despite their star-packed line-up which has proved time and time again that they are the kings of Europe. On the other and, the SK team was again following the "slow and steady" philosophy.

Our second match for the week was against a poor Copenahagen Wolves team which still can't find its identity after being torn apart during the small break. Key figures within the Wolves are the steadily improving CowTard and AD Carry Woolite who always puts up good numbers, regardless of how dire the situation could be.

The El Classico continues

The pick and ban phase went alright for both squads as SK snatched their strategical picks in Ziggs for Jesiz and Thresh for nRated, while Fnatic were content with a strong bot lane presence in the face of Morgana and Twitch. Unfortunately, Fnatic played the map way better than our lads, thus earning the first blood near SK wraiths after a brawl in the jungle.

The double invisibility composition worked wonders as SK got outplayed in the small skirmishes. Flank after flank, kill after kill, the disparity between the two became so large that no objective, rotation or play would prove sufficient to turn the tides of the game. The moment came and SK took a critical blow in their LCS campaign by their signature opponent.

Against the pack

Seeking redemption and trying to keep their pace against Alliance, the boys had to go big or go home against the Wolves. As Alliance slipped in their battle with Gambit Gaming, a perfect opportunity to keep the one game deficit presented itself. The only price we had to pay was a sound victory in this match.

Airwaks continued playing his strange jungle picks as Jax was his choice. On our side, nRated quickly grabbed Braum, allowing CandyPanda to sit back and dish out as much damage as he can with Twitch. Finally, Svenskeren chose his signature Jarvan IV, a champion which brought him into the scene in Season 3. Despite a quick lead by the Wolves, SK remained calm and slowly reduced the deficit, ensuring objectives and picks where they could. For some reason, the Wolves could not retaliate and simply tried to unsuccessfully counter-act the SK team, hoping for a mistake in execution. That mistake never came and the boys walked away with a vital victory, thus keeping their chances for first place alive.

As week 5 draws near, so do Fnatic. A tough road lies ahead for SK Gaming with a strong Alliance still reigning supreme over the throne of Europe. Will the lads manage to overcome their foes? Find out in the upcoming week 5 when we face Alliance and Supa Hot Crew in the Wembley Arena in London, England.



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