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DHS: SK proceeds to quarter-finals

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jun 15, 2014 10:32

ImageSK Gaming move forwards in DreamHack Summer 2014 with two victories and one defeat.

We are more than glad and proud to announce that our Counter-Strike team not only won their LAN debut match, but proceeded forward to the quarter-finals of DreamHack Summer 2014 by finishing second in most likely the toughest group with two victories over SE Fnatic and a defeat against the Polish pride PL .

Beginning with our first match in the Swedish tournament against team Fnatic on de_inferno. SK Gaming started on the less favoured T side, but managed to win the pistol round without much casualties by scoring an early kill on Fnatic's star player SE Jesper 'jw' Wecksell, followed by a quick rush towards bombsite A. Team Fnatic decided to play the second round with CZ75-Auto pistols and Kevlar vests, but failed to stop SK Gaming from infiltrating bombsite B. Our Counter-Strike squad won the third round flawlessly, but jw was able to conquer the first gun round for his team by closely winning 1on2 situation. Fortunately the in-game leader of SK Gaming BA Faruk 'pita' Pita managed to secure the followed round with three important kills and forced Fnatic to deal with a tough economic situation. SE Alexander 'SKYTTEN' Carlsson and pita scored two kills each in order to win the sixth round as well. Fnatic's in-game leader SE Marcus 'pronax' Wallsten saved the next round for his team by taking down two SK Gaming players at bombsite B with FAMAS rifle, leaving our team to lose with round timeout. Fnatic won several more rounds and tied the score, thanks to pronax and jw's efficient protection of bombsite B during the tenth round, followed by a team ace against the eco-rounded SK Gaming. SKYTTEN was able to win the fourteenth round by killing three opponents in the end. SE Robin 'flusha' Rönnquist won the last round of the first half by scoring down four crucial hits, securing Fnatic a fair round advantage for the second half.

Fnatic decided to hit bombsite A during the pistol round of the second half, but SK Gaming stomped SE Patrik 'cArn' Sättermon's troops, even denying bomb plant for extra cash. Fnatic lost the followed round as well and again failed to plant the bomb, forcing them to play weaker weapons and less equipments. SK Gaming won the first gun round and once again took the lead. SE Joel 'emilio' Mako won a flawless round for SK Gaming by shooting down four enemies. SK Gaming continued to secure round after round and dominate on the defensive side. SE Fredrik 'roque' Honak and emilio won another important round for SK Gaming. Team Fnatic was on the verge of winning a crucial round and possibly make a comeback, but SK Gaming came up with an amazing retake in a 2on3 situation during that round. In the end we witnessed emilio winning a 1on1 situation versus Fnatic's in-game leader pronax and won SK Gaming's LAN debut match.

SK Gaming had an outstanding Counter-Terrorists performance. (Photo by

The second match for SK Gaming was against one of the strong favorites to win this tournament, the Poles of Our squad started on the significantly weaker T side on de_train and failed to secure the all important pistol round. won the followed round flawlessly and as well as third, thanks to PL Janusz 'Snax' Pogorzelski's shocking ace with a Nova shotgun in hands. The Polish pride continued to surprise their Swedish opponents and managed to win the first gun round too. PL Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas won another flawless round for the Poles. won total of nine rounds in a row, but lost the tenth round versus emilio. Unfortunately that single round lost was simply not enough to stun the fearless play of, as the Polish team managed to win the followed four rounds. SE Mikail 'Maikelele' Bill won the last round of the first half with four addition kills to the scoreboard. performed superb on the defensive side as expected. won the pistol round of the second half and was on the edge of shutting down our team, but roque's extremely crucial three kills won the followed eco round for SK Gaming. Furthermore another scary round appeared for our Counter-Strike team, but fortunately pita was able to clutch 1on1 situation against Poland's best player PL Jarosław 'pasha' Jarząbkowski. SK Gaming clutched yet another close 2on1 situation. The eco-rounded arrived with a devastating rush, but luckily SK Gaming was able to survive once again. SK's maikel won an sensational 1on2 situation and marked ten rounds in a row won by SK Gaming. Unluckily our poor results on T side were too tough to handle and managed to win the needed last round to win the match.

Image is ready for vengeance against Ninjas in Pyjamas. (Photo by

The lost against sent our team in the consolation final of the group once again against Fnatic, who on the other side knocked out the Norwegian squad of NO London Conspiracy . The map was once again chosen to be de_inferno, where our SK Gaming division started on the preferred defensive side. Fnatic won the pistol round as we witnessed jw scoring down three kills on bombsite B. However our team was able to take the followed eco round. SKYTTEN won the forth round with three enemies shot down. The first gun round went to our hands too as emilio managed to hold bombsite B with four kills. Unluckily, team Fnatic secured the sixth round by winning a close 2on2 situation, but pita and his troops were able to clutch the next round, which left Fnatic in an economic crisis. SK Gaming scored yet another round by winning 4on2 situation. SKYTTEN and Maikel won a flawless round for the Swedes with two frags each. Fnatic's star player jw saved his team by clutching an impressive 1on3 situation on bombsite B, but SK Gaming secured the next three round, two of which flawlessly. SK Gaming won the last round of the first half and left Team Fnatic with only three won rounds.

Team Fnatic won the pistol round of the second half as well, but SK Gaming managed to plant the bomb winning few additional dollars. Our team secured the first gun round and the next one, but SE Andreas 'schneider' Lindberg and flusha took off the later round flawlessly. Fnatic won another flaweless round, but our squad's in-game leader pita clutched an insane 1on3 situation. Fnatic was able to continue further and won a close 2on2 situation. An interested moment popped up as we witnessed pita knifing jw, yet lost the round, but eventually SK Gaming conquered the needed last round and won the match. Our Counter-Strike squad will play in the quarter-finals of DreamHack Summer 2014.


Our next match at DreamHack Summer 2014 will be on Monday at 10:00 CET. You can however see our team today at 10:00 CET playing in the ESPORTSM Finals against SE hiGhrollers in a best-of-three series.

Stay tuned to SK Gaming and feel free to hit the comment section below and show your support.



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