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Nosgoth Class details: The Humans

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Jun 14, 2014 18:26

ImageWe are back with our Nosgoth articles! In our latest edition, we talk in detail about the different classes that each faction has, starting with the members of the Human uprising!

After a brief hiatus, we are back! Meanwhile the busy guys and gals behind the title hit both DreamHack in Jönköping, Sweden AND the E3 Expo in the US. Not only that, but they never let their foot of the pedal and continued providing beta keys to lucky gamers on both their page - and their Twitter account, here. Why not be one of the lucky ones?

With that in mind, we move on in our journey to familiarize ourselves with the game and its ins & outs. For some reason, it took me five articles to get to the classes part, something which I do believe I should have touched upon earlier. Without further ado, let us dive right in and see what the Humans can offer!

Faction one: The Human uprising

First up is the Prophet. The newest class in the game represents an interesting balance between the supportive role which the Alchemist plays and the offensive and defensive capabilities which the Hunter and Scout provide. Armed with a duo of deadly barreled pistols and trained in the ways of the blood, Prophets are an incredible niche pick when it comes to composing a well-rounded team. Let's take a look at the abilities:


Weapons(Basic attack):
Dual Pistols - Two finely crafted flintlock pistols
Heavy Pistols - Heavier Flintlocks that deal more damage, but fire more slowly
Quick Pistols - Lightweight flintlocks that can fire rapidly at the cost of power

Primary ability:
Banish Shot - Fire a hexed bullet that renders your target incorporeal, disabling their attacks and abilities reducing the damage they take.
Draining Curse - Curse target area, damaging vampires who enter it and healing you a portion of the damage dealt.

Secondary ability:
Life Leech - Rip life force from a target vampire to heal yourself.
Sacrifice - Channel health into a target teammate at the expense of a portion of your own.

A pretty interesting kit, if I must say. In addition, what makes the Prophet a very positional and tactical, in my opinion, class is the fact that the bullets your fire can damage enemies in a line, thus making you a lot more deadlier. A must choice for all that prefer to manipulate the battlefield to their taste through use of various techniques regardless of their nature.

We move on to an integral part of every Human composition - the mighty Hunter. Playing the key role of the Humans' main damage dealer, the marksman is armed with a crossbow, allowing him to dish out as much damage as physically possible. A centerpiece in every team, you will most likely see two or even more Hunters in any Human team. Check out his abilities below:


Weapon(Basic Attack):
Repeater Crossbow - a ranged weapon used as a main damage source for the Hunter

Primary abilities:
Bola strike - Hurl a spinning bolas that wraps up enemies, disabling their attacks for a short time.

Secondary abilities:
Explosive shot - Fires incendiary ammo that deals area damage on impact.

In addition, Sticky grenade, Poison Bola, Whip, Grenade, Throw can be accessed from Armory while Blinding Shot can be accessed from the store.

As you can see the Hunter possesses all that he needs to be a thorn in every Vampire's eye. Equipped with a single crowd control ability and multiple damaging or disruptive shots, the main damage dealer of the Human resistance is a formidable foe, especially if he positions correctly and has a decent level of map awareness.

We move on with the best Human support class - the Alchemist. Armed with a mini-cannon that can deal area of effect damage, the main purpose of this class is to boost your team in combat with the eternal enemy, while doing his best to disable the latter's offense. He can do that in a multitude of ways. Check his abilities below:


Main weapon(Basic attacks):
Mini-cannon - a small projectile-based weapon dealing AoE damage to enemies.

Primary ability:
Sunlight vial - Throw a vial that explodes into a flash of light, blinding nearby vampires.

Secondary ability:
Fire Wall - Smash a vial at your feet that spreads into a raging wall of fire to burn enemies.

In addition, you can acquire Flamethrower, Healing Mist, Light bomb and Poison cloud from the store in order to maximize the effect of the class.

Thanks to Fire Wall and Sunlight Vial, the Alchemist can easily turn the tides of combat by either alleviating the pressure from a critical point on the map or further solidify the Human defenses in a certain situation. Ideally, you would want at best two Alchemists in your team (depending on the enemy composition of course). That way you will have all the resources available in order to counteract 99% of the enemy efforts towards you.

Finally we have our faithful Scout. Cunning and swift, they are armed with a bow with which to eliminate the Vampire scum from afar. These silent and deadly fellow represent our "snipers", given their expertise and can come extremely handy against certain compositions, regardless of the map. The class combines two abilities which can help both a single person from your team or your whole squad. Check them out below:


Weapon(Basic Attack):
Bow - the classic weapon used by archers in order to eliminate their enemies from afar. The Scout's bow can fire arrows rapidly in succession or one channeled shot which is stronger and can snipe an enemy.

Primary ability:
Throw knives - When thrown, it stuns any vampires, stopping them in their movement and any attacks they are currently performing.

Secondary ability:
Volley - The Scout calls down a barrage of arrows in a designated area. The arrows can damage both the caster (should he stand in the designated area) and vampires, but not allied targets.

In addition, more can be unlocked via the Armory such as Trap, Turret, Mark Target, Grappling Hook and Camouflage.

In combination, all of the above make the Scout a brilliant silent assassin. Useful in both the heat of battle and on the sidelines, sniping down enemy targets one-by-one, the Scout is a role that should never be neglected regardless of how heavy the enemy composition is.

Stay tuned as tomorrow we are coming back with part two of this article which will detail the Vampire classes along with their ins & outs. Meanwhile, why not snatch a beta key and get in on the action? All you need to do is visit the official Nosgoth website and try your luck.



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