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In Spotlight: pita

By T. 'Southn' M.
Jun 11, 2014 22:07

ImageTo kick off our DreamHack Coverage we sat down with no one less than Faruk "pita" Pita from our CS:GO Team, who is currently preparing for this week's DreamHack.

Hello Faruk, do you mind introducing yourself to the readers which do not know you?

"Hello everyone at! My name is Faruk, I am 23 years old (soon to be 24). At the moment living in Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoying life as it is right now, playing Counter-Strike on a professional level and representing one of the biggest organisations in the history of e-Sports!"

Let us start with something personal, can you just shortly sum up your #GO4BALKAN charity tournament?

"Well the tournament was something that came to my mind when I realized I needed to do something to help out the Balkan region. First I thought of streaming, and all the donations that I would receive would go to the victims. But that thought changed over a minute to a thought that I would collect the best players around the globe and do a gather tournament around that. With that idea I knew I could get out to a broader audience. And I am very happy I did it, since the donations we managed to collect were more than I expected!"

You have collected 25.000 €. Can you tell us which organizations will directly profit from it?

"This is a question that was brought up by me in the early stages and also today it's something that is really hard to decide. The situation in the Balkan area is pretty hard to understand for people outside. However, I could break it down in two sentences, so everyone understands. After and during the war, a lot of politicians and criminals took the advantage of the situation that nothing was structured. Because of this, a small amount of people (criminals) have a big influence in the interests down there in the Balkan region. So if I were to donate all the money to an organization, I will never know if the money we managed to collect, will go directly to the people in need or to the criminals. So most likely, I will visit some places in every country, and be there while the help is given out. So I can see it with my own eyes that the donations we managed to collect have ended in the hands of the victims. I will also have Tgwri1s with me on this trip. And we are also planning to do a mini video coverage of it all, so that the community who did help out can see what their generosity did to the people in need!"

Old SK Gaming CS:GO Team, pita (right)

Last week you played the DH Summer Qualifier which was your first appearance for the new SK CS:GO team, can you tell us how the feeling is to play for SK Gaming again?

"It's beautiful to represent SK Gaming again - an organization with a great history and traditions. It gives me a boost, that I need to do my best, regardless of what tournament it is."

After winning over ENCE you lost to Reason Gaming in a close game, where were the problems?

"Always sad to lose since you know you are representing this great organization. I think the reason (funny that they are known as reason as well:D) we lost was due to us underperforming as a team. I don't know if the game against ENCE that took us almost 50 rounds to finish (funny since ENCE are finnish as well:D) made an impact on us being tired, since we had to start more or less immediately after the game. But also something to mention is that Reason did a fantastic job. They played really smart and they won against us as a team. And we lost as a team. However I'm glad this happened now and not on DreamHack. We have learned from our mistakes, and this loss just made us better as a team."

You will be playing the ESPORTSM Finals at DreamHack, how do you see your chances here?

"I do not know how the setup will be yet. Depending on who we will play it could go in any direction. Since Sweden got really good teams it surely will
be a great tournament to play. Let's see who will get out on top. I believe we have good chances as long as we play as a team."

Is the Gfinity LAN something you will participate in?

"We have been talking about that tournament. It's great to see the UK scene going bigger and bigger for e-Sports. However I do not know as of today if we will participate. It would be great to do it, since I expect a lot of great teams to attend, and also because it's in London (haven't been a lot of tournaments over there)."

What are your plans for the future with the team?

"The beauty with playing Counter-Strike professionally is that the future is always just set to the next event :). What happens after DreamHack only
God knows. Hopefully we do good there and keep on rolling and getting recognition for our hard work."

The last words are up to you, thank you for sitting down with us today.

"Thank you, Tobias. I want to thank everyone out there reading this. Hope you enjoyed my wall of text. A big shoutout to everyone who supported the
charity event. Also some awesome shoutouts to everyone at SK Gaming behind the scenes, the fans and also the sponsors. Thanks for supporting us!"

Stay tuned for more interviews coming up at SK Gaming. Do you want to tell us something which we should improve on or who we should interview next? Leave us a comment below.



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