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A song of Mechanics and Rotations: SK in LCS W3

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Jun 8, 2014 14:57

ImageThe third week of Summer LCS was pretty successful for SK Gaming. Check out our recap of past week's matches.

Coming into this week, SK was tied for second place alongside the Supa Hot Crew with a score of 4 – 2. Alliance was one win ahead but the top three teams grew some distance between them and the other five teams.

SK Gaming vs. Millenium


EU Millenium initiated the lane swap in this match but it didn’t work out for them! Fredy was able to farm 1v2 where Kevin couldn’t. When both headed back into the top lane, Fredy had such a huge lead that he was able to take him on single-handedly.

CandyPanda also came out big of the early game. With early kills he picked up a Blade of the Ruined King and was able to bully Creaton and Jree out of the lane. A great roam by Jesiz sealed the deal for SK. Picking up two kills and the entire MIL jungle, SK established vision control in the enemy jungle and got pick over pick and thankfully, also towers in the consequence. SK was way too ahead and simply ran over Millenium in the end. SK closed out the game in the 26th minute with picking up some extra Fantasy LCS points in the end!

SK had no problems taking on Millenium in this game. The failed lane swap pretty much backfired and they had no plan of coming back. The game was too short to have a good scaling Jax on your side.

SK Gaming vs. Gambit Gaming


The second game of the week was against RU Gambit Gaming. Edward once again pulled out his Gragas support and performed pretty well with him. But SK looked for revenge from their first match against Gambit this season!

Both junglers invested a lot in early ganks where Diamond on Evelyn focused on the solo lanes and Svenskeren, on Lee Sin, focused on the bot lane. nRated and Svenskeren used the great synergy of Thresh and Lee to get off some quick ganks and kills for the jungler. Because of the high pressure on bot lane, Gambit sent more members there which cost them some early towers. Both SK's sololaners outfarmed their counterpart pretty hard. With an early 30cs lead, Fredy and Jesiz built a good item lead and since Diamond was forced to camp bot lane this snowballed even more. As in the game against Millenium, SK established vision control in the enemy Jungle, stole away buffs and got a lot of brawl kills with the fed Lee Sin. After a pick on Darien, SK headed over to the Baron, picked the buff up and was able to finish the game a few moments after.

Svenskeren carried his team once again! With a kill participation of 90% he led SK to a quick 30 minute victory and also received the title of the MVP of the week!

SK is now placed second after Alliance with a score of 6 – 2. Since the Supa Hot Crew lost against Alliance, they are now third with a score of 5 – 3. Alliance is still the team to beat and sits on first place with a score of 7 -1.



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