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Sunwell Radiance - Hidden Buff on all SP Mobs?

By Brendan 'trance' C
Mar 30, 2008 11:57

ImageThere's been a lot of discussion going around the WoW forums about tanks' avoidance going down in Sunwell Plateau. It appears Blizzard has given all mobs in the zone a hidden buff that makes the zone more challenging than thought to be.

What is Sunwell Radiance?
'Sunwell Radiance' is a buff that reduces your enemy's chance to dodge by 20% and increases hit by 5%. Apparently, Blizzard has implemented every mob in Sunwell Plataeu to have this buff. So, if you have been a tank and noticed your dodge drop from 50-60%~ to 30-40%~, this is indeed an intended change. Blizzard may have put this change in to compensate for the amount of dodge/avoidance that was given on T6 gear and also keep under geared guilds out of Sunwell Plateau a bit longer.

There has also been confirmed reports via WWS(WoW Web Stats) that tanks are consistently dodging 20% less than before.

A statement on from a frustrated tank
"I noticed this gimmick on the very first pull in sunwell. I can tell you that this is a game breaking change for all sunwell tanks. Why couldn't Blizz design a working tanking mechanic instead of grossly patching our horrible itemization with a nerf like that. Sunwell Radiance basicly cut 25% of our avoidance. That is the equivalent of retrograding a T6 tank to pre-kara level.

The only benefit from it that I see is the reduction of rage starvation from extreme level of avoidance. But how do you expect our healers to react to this? They are used to heal 55%~60% avoidance tanks and now have to deal with a 30%~35% avoidance tanks. This change is unacceptable to me. To counter this, we now have to wear insane amount of avoidance. Gear setup that is rediculously useless outside of Sunwell."

Source:, WoW Forums EU



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