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SK goes World of Warcraft PvE

By Sebastian 'gosey' Selin
Mar 24, 2008 17:27

ImageSK Gaming are proud to announce a new partnership with the PvE guild formerly known as Curse and MYM.

Mekon, one of the guild leaders explains a bit about the guild:

"We were originally Curse and then due to our PvP team and some potential prospects we decided to rename the guild and join up with Meet Your Makers. This however did not really work out for us from a PvE perspective so we decided to make a new partnership to try and get some improved support for the guild.

We are really excited about this new deal. We feel it will give us a lot of new opportunities to build the guild's profile and provide some new much needed resources for our players. Expect to see some awesome new content coming up on the site relating to the guild. We will be releasing here exclusive PvE Sunwell movies along with live high quality streaming video of all our progress raiding.

We're also going to be expanding /wow/ here on SK Gaming. There will be a lot of new PvE based content coming up on the site. We want to create a fully centralised home for all your high end World of Warcraft needs. There will be guides about all aspects of the game, fresh articles, interviews, columns and blogs from some of the best players around. The idea is to provide both an information center and a new community for top level WoW. Mekon has posted a more detailed blog on some of these new features here.

Anyway we’re residing on Vek’nilash EU PvP server and on Quakenet so feel free to come and say hi!"

Could you please introduce yourselves and your guild?
Mekon: Hey, I’m Phil (mek/mekon). I’m the current raid leader and co. guild leader of SK Gaming.PvE. I’m 25 years old, English but currently living in France (although moving to Sweden soon!). I’ve been playing WoW since release as a Restoration Shaman and I’ve been in the guild for around 2 years.

Macken: I’m Markus (Mackelina). I’m the co. guild leader of SK-Gaming.PvE also. I’m 19 years old and living in Sweden. I’ve been in the guild for about 2.5 years and I’m currently playing a Holy Paladin.

Macken: The guild itself is very old. It started off as Curse back in Dark Age of Camelot about 5 years ago. It switched to WoW and progressed on from there.
"Around 10 months ago we switched to join up with Meet Your Makers but that didn’t really work out for us unfortunately. Now we have teamed up with SK instead and are really excited about future prospects."

Why did you choose to work with SK Gaming over other organisations?
Mekon: Well I think WoW is quite a strange game really. It’s not a true e-sports game like CS or WC3 but it’s the biggest game in the world at the moment so it has a tremendous amount of interest directed at it. So really for us it was about finding someone to support us that really understood WoW and what was possible. On top of that we wanted to work with people that have the motivation to want to improve the guild and provide it with some much needed resources. SK fitted that profile better than anyone else.

This is the second time you have changed the guild name, could you explain what happened to cause this?
Macken: Well I’m sure some people will consider us “hoppers” or whatever because we changed twice now in 10 months. However the MYM move initially was more for convenience and to remain in sync with our PvP team. The guild has been crying out for a better site and some other resources. We have always wanted to build a real PvE community around the guild and this was the best opportunity we had to do it. I don’t really think there is much of a decision to make; you do what is best for the guild. There is zero doubt in my mind that given the same circumstances any leader would have done the same thing. We have also known gosey for a very long time, he’s an old member of the guild and we have both met him irl and such so it was appealing to work with him!

Did you leave MYM because you had a disagreement with them or?
Mekon: Absolutely not. It was partly our fault really. There was a lack of communication generally and ultimately we felt that SK could provide much more WoW oriented support. There was no bad feeling it was just a decision that had to go this way.
"I’d like to add that the guild roster is exactly the same and nothing has changed in that way from this switch."

What are your goals for the near future?
Macken: Well Sunwell is just around the corner so our focus is on that 100%. We feel that we made really good progress on the PTR and got some good experience to prepare for Live. We’re aiming to be number one in this instance and we will give it everything we have.

What plans do you have for the site and your involvement in it?
Mekon: We are looking to really expand the PvE content of the site and create a more centralized and complete WoW community. There will be more detailed plans of this released soon but essentially just a lot more content on the site and we’ll release all our videos here. There will also be live streaming of raids in high quality, something no other guild is doing at the moment! Check back on the site for news, live raids, movies and big content updates. Watch this space!

The IRC channel we use is located on the Quakenet network -



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