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Best Female WoW Gamer gets sponsored - Hafu Interview

By Brendan 'trance' C
Mar 20, 2008 20:09

ImageHafu, considered as one of the best female gamers (her ratings speak that she's the best overall) along with her partners, Glickz, Rhaegyn and Geecee(GC) were offered a sponsorship to become pro gamers.

Quoted from
Dynamo Gaming has been looking to expand and reinvent itself as a bigger and better organization. In keeping with that goal, we have recently acquired a World of Warcraft division, a 3v3 World of Warcraft team lead by a talented young female restoration druid known as Hafu. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding this player as she has been challenging the great players within the renowned Battlegroup Bloodlust (BG9).

The main highlight of this team is centered around Hafu, since she’s unique in her position proving that female gamers can compete in the male dominated WoW Arena circuit – however both her teammates Glickz, Rhaegyn are well-known around the BG9 community as excellent players, complimenting their protégé teammate in every sort of fashion.

Glickz is arguably one of the best warlocks in the world, playing for numerous teams on both horde & alliance BG9 and in BG3-US while being top ranked on all his teams. Hafu, considers Rhaegyn the best warrior she’s ever played and modestly enough, tends to think he carries her, although her opponents argue that she’s just really good.


Interview with Hafu:

Arena Profile:
Name: Hafu

Arena Teams (as of this interview)
2v2 Team: here
3v3 Team: here
5v5 Team: here

First off, congrats on getting sponsored! How’s it feel like to be sponsored?
I've never lanned, or played any other video game seriously really, so this is pretty cool : )
I'm excited!

So about getting sponsored, what do you think about attending future LAN tournaments?
"I don't want to stand out among the competition, but I know I will"
I'm really nervous, I don’t want to stand out among the competition, but [being female] I know I will.

What do you think will make you nervous about LAN?
I don't want people to watch me play, I make a lot of mistakes. My entire team is pretty quiet [in terms of communicating with each other in arena], so it’s nice that we don’t really yell at each other unless it’s to help each other, like [for example] calling RANGE RANGE (when a player overextends themselves from a healer’s casting range)

How would you describe yourself as a player? Do you support and conduct your team or your teammates do?
Everyone on our team is pretty bright, so we all contribute to inputting strategy whenever we lose.
But all our strats are pretty straight forward, we’ve had them for a while.

Do you play any classes outside of druid?
I have a 56 rogue! But no other level 70 characters besides my druid.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and introduce Hafu to our readers:
My name is ‘May’, I live in Massachusetts and I’m 16 years old, 17 in April.
I’m planning on going to college, I’m a junior this year [in high school].

So how do you feel like about being the proclaimed ‘world’s best female gamer’?
Oh I don't think I am the "best female gamer" at all, as I am pretty inexperienced outside of World of Warcraft.

So how did you get into playing games and playing WoW?
World of Warcraft was my first game unless you want to count The Sims. Like most other girls, my boyfriend had gotten me to start playing. I was pretty terrible at first, and I didn't really care to learn. However, when arenas came out, WoW became competitive. Naturally, I wanted to do well, so I went through the trouble of key-binding everything, and farming gear and enchants for myself

Did exceedingly well with Rhaegyn season 1, capped at about 2650 with druid/warrior [in BG Ruin] when it was still unheard of. We would’ve taken #1, but another team farmed to first on the last day.

What server were you originally from in World of Warcraft?
I was from Onyxia as a twink, then transferred to Bleeding Hollow [on Battlegroup Ruin] then to Tich :P [on BG9]

Do you feel druids are overpowered? Do you feel any classes are overpowered?
Absolutely [feel that druids are overpowered]. About other classes, I don’t feel they are and that everything else is pretty balanced.

You made an instructional article and a video about Druid strategy, are going to make any videos in the future?
"It brought more attention to that I'm female and less that I'm a good arena player"

No, I did it to begin with to answer questions from fans, however it brought more attention to that I'm female and less that I'm a good arena player.

What class compositions do you run in Arena?
2s, it’s mainly druid/warrior, although sometimes I play with Glickz [with warlock/druid].
3s, is druid/warrior/warlock.
5s, is euro comp (rogue/warlock/mage/priest/druid)

What’s this about you're ditching your teammates to play with … Ming and Serennia?!
[Response from: this article
NO! Of course not, I’m getting sponsored with Rhaegyn and Glickz. I think Ming is just [making articles about me] for hits [on his blog.]

Ming has written quite a few articles about you lately, what do you think about that?
I think Ming is just doing it for the hits, [about Ikaylol & rumors of our relationship] I’m playing arenas with Ikay to help him out a bit since [his druid partner] Wojo transferred off. None of this is true; I don’t sleep around with people I play with, obviously I actually play arenas. Ming is like the Britney Spears of WoW, except not quite as hot – God forbid if he has a child!

Ming has assumed things and created a few rumors about you, that last photo of you on the last SK-Gaming article he called you ‘chubby’, although in this photo you’re clearly older – anything you want to clear up?
It bothers me that picture of me is from around 2 years ago, I was 14 [at the time] and I found the chubby statement amusing from Ming, I’m very underweight like most Asians, I think I puffed out my cheeks in that photo.

Any opinions on arena balancing and druid changes?
The druid nerfs aren't going to be as drastic as people expect them to be; Virtually every high team runs with one. Whatever nerf we get every other team will feel, yet the nerf is not drastic enough for priests, shamans and paladins to overthrow them.

Who do you think are the best players per class on BG9?
Druid: I think Saris of Tichondrius is overlooked. I've been playing against him more lately, and I feel that he's much better than some of the higher rated druids.

Warlock: Glickz, obviously. He's ridiculous at dispelling, and one of the few warlocks that actually knows how to burst. Ninji(Xyi) is comparable, but I believe he's semi-retired from PvP.

Warrior: Rhaegyn, hands down. We've been dominating mirror matches recently - and it seems that everytime I get away from the opposing warrior, Rhaegyn is still dominating their druid.

Paladin: Musee, TSG's paladin. He's so quick with dispels, and right on with juking.

Mage: Wildcrusader, Istarus, and Celex come to mind. They all have aggressive playstyles, yet they know how to play back when they're being focus-fired.

Rogue: The scariest rogue, for me at least, is Neilyo. He can stay on a druid like no other, it's ridiculous! Doobsam is also very good, but because he's from Brazil, he tends to lag and disconnect a lot.

Priest: Lombrastic is amazingggg. He's also from Brazil, so his ping is higher than average, yet he's so dead-on with everything. I would say the most noticable thing when fighting against Lombrastic is his use of chastise - he can land a fear on any druid =).

Shaman: GC. He's so dead-on with catching CC and purges, yet he always lands heals when they're needed.

Shout-outs to: – To dynamo gaming for sponsoring us!

To my teammates:




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