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Jaedong takes KeSPA "player of the year"

By Serge 'Greed' Shirkhodjaev
Mar 20, 2008 00:43

ImageKorean Esports Association has just released the list of winners of its annual Award Ceremony. Jaedong took home three awards, thus proving the title of best player in the world, claimed in the OSL.

KeSpA did give out many awards, starting from "Player of the year", continuing with the best race representatives and some semi-game related nominations, such as "Best ceremony" or "Friendship prize".

Lee "Jaedong" Jae Dong of Lecaf Oz took home three awards: "Player of the year", "Best zerg" and "Best winning percentage"


The full list of awards, apart from Jaedong's:

Best Match of theYear (3 can be picked)
Bisu vs Hwasin - GomTV MSL Season 3 Round of 16 Game 3
Bisu vs sAviOr - EVER OSL Round of 8, 2nd Set
sAviOr vs YellOw[ArnC] - Shinhan Bank Proleague Playoffs vs OGN

Proteam of the year
Lecaf Oz

Best fans / supporters
Lecaf Oz

Fairplay Team
Airforce ACE

Special Prize for Efforts
Shinhan Bank

Friendship Prize
Goodfriend (eSTRO)

Most Improved Player
Mind (WeMade FOX)

Best Player – Terran
Flash (KTF MagicNs)

Best New Map
Blue Storm

Best Player – Protoss
Stork (Samsung KHAN)

Best Progaming Related Show
Starcraft Gossip (OGN)


Most Wins
Stork (Samsung KHAN)

Best Teamplay
Flower/ Justin (OGN Sparkyz)

Newcomer of the Year
Flash (KTF MagicNs)

Best Coach
Jo JeongUng (Lecaf Oz)

The wonderful photos come from this gallery.

The Korean fansite FighterForum conducted interviews with Jaedong and Flash on the topic of their awards. Below is's translation.

Jaedong, the best player speaks

-You were awarded with 3 prizes
I am very happy that I got 3 prizes at this prestigious Event. In the 2008 Season I will put in even more effort so I can get 4 or even 5 prizes. Next time I would like to get the prize for Best/Most memorable Match and Most Wins, too.

-You were nominated for 4 awards, how many did you think you would get? And which one was the one you wanted to get the most?
The one wanted to have the most was of course the Best Player of 2007 award. I knew that I’d get the award for Best Winning Percentage and I was happy to get the Best Zerg award. It’s a pity that I missed the award for Best Match.

-The Winner of Best Winning Percentage Award was a close, last minute outcome
Actually I had hoped for this Award so I cheered for Flash in my heart at the OSL Finals. I was in a bad condition during the beginning of the 2007 season so I was behind Stork in terms of Winning Percentage, but it seems like I still got the award through fortunate circumstances and a little help from Flash. So in the end, I am happy about it. Next time I will try hard to get the award in a cleaner way.

-Your goals for next Season
I haven’t decided on something specific yet, but I will not be satisfied with what I have got now and will try hard to continue giving good results.

Flash also had something to say

-Did you expect to win something today?
I heard from many people that I had a good chance for the Best Newcomer award, so I was hoping for it. For the Best Terran award, I heard that it will be a close call between me and Mind, so I didn’t have confidence to win that one. I am very happy that I won both awards I was nominated for.

-It is your first time to attend the Korean e-Sports Awards, what are your feelings?
Today was the first time I ever stepped on a red carpet. It was a very special experience. I envied Jaedong a lot when I saw him getting the award for Player of the Year. Next year I want to get that Award.

-The next season is about to start. A short comment about your mindset please.
I just want to show better results compared to now. Next year I will take the Best Player of the Year award.

-You will leave for Silmido (place in Korea) for a workshop tomorrow
I like sports so I’m not afraid of working out. I think it will be a good experience.




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