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Eins "Fake" svei "BOND"! SEC blog

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Mar 12, 2008 18:22

ImageThe final chapter of the SEC coverage, find inside UK success, why Game-TV.Lalle believes Stargate is rubbish, boothbabes and how I got my hands on a dvd signed by James Bond!

Sunday was the final day of the SEC and the day on which all the finals of each game wre to take place. My first commentary was the Winner Bracket match between Mouz.Sase and Mouz.ToD, I was almost perfectly relaxed in terms of being infront of the crowd and was thoroughly enjoying casting instead of being petrified as I had been on the first day.

Quish and I by that time had got our "flow" almost worked out with very few opportunities where we talked over each other. Once you get over the fear, casting is actually quite fun in particular when the crowd responds.

Although Warcraft3 was "my game" in terms of knowledge surrounding it, I actually found myself enjoying casting FIFA more. In particular the Grand Final where Carmac did a cracking effort I think in casting the final. Carmac just has a way of getting people excited, the same way in his articles he can make you take notice and grab your attention, the same is true in his casting.

When watching the highlight clips, its the clever phrases and comments that stand out rather than the "OH OH OH OH GOAAAAAAAAAAAL", in the early games its only OH OH OH but as the games go on I can see I was slowly getting the hang of it, adding my own flavour rather than screaming, "its a goal".

ImageI had a horribly sore throat after the FIFA final but went off to find Soe at the ZOTAC booth hoping to catch one of her "Lost" commentaries. I arrived to find a huge gang of Germans with arms outstretched "urgh more free stuff" I thought, I managed to get Soe's attention and she came through the crowd somehow, I'd missed her cast!

Bitterly dissapointed I decided to get in on the action of free stuff and grabbed one of the lottery tickets, unsure what the German guy was saying I just screamed "yeaaaaa" to whatever he said including what I found out later to be "can I hear all the girls in the crowd".
The James Bond music was playing in the background, why? I was soon to find out as the German caster claimed James Bond was in the building and ready to give away some prizes, cue more Germans screaming. Soe claimed she looked more like Daniel Craig (the latest James Bond) than this guy and it was true, although he bore some similarity he obviously was a faker.

So I decided to call him out! I began shouting "FAKE BOND" trying to get the Germans behind me, some chuckled but did not join in my chant, I guess they just wanted the free stuff. As the Bond look-a-like asked "What is the name of my next film", I suggested a name, FAKE BOND, Soe and me were almost in tears, at least we were enjoying it!

ImageThe crowd did not know the answer, useless. The next question was "What is the name of my love attraction in my latest film?", suddenly my ears perked up and I realised I actually knew the answer !!! My chant changed from a heckling of "Fake Bond!", to a desperate scream of "Eva Green, Eva Green".

YES! The German host noticed me and I was brought through the crowd, given a photo opportunity with Mr Bond himself and a copy of Casino Royale signed by the man himself! Exaggerating my feelings by going "Oh my God, I can't believe it is the REAL BOND!", I posed for a shock photo.

The crowds dissipated and Fake Bond signed some autographs and posed with some of the boothbabes of the ZOTAC booth. Commenting they don't want bond but me instead I managed to get in on the action and got a photo with the 3 girls!

Fake Bond who by that time had been completely "owned" could only muster together a " don't quit your day job". Good Game! Soe and I giggled and took some photos together before I had to leave to cast the Warcraft3 Final.

The Warcraft3 Final was ridiculously one sided!! Exceptional play by GG.HoT, to come from the Loser Bracket, if you watch the Game-TV clip video from the SEC you can see HoT bang the table and raise his hands in the air as he wins, Its great to see a player that shows emotion when he wins. O

Having cast FIFA which is end to end stuff the Warcraft3 cast was more relaxed as Warcraft3 is not so quick and takes time to build action. It was a shame when it came to an end, really enjoyed it, hope I get given another opportunity.Soon after the Warcraft3 Final was the closing ceremony which saw the top 3 of each competition come to stand on their podium and pose for pictures.

Myself, Sam Matthews and some others were completely confused as to why some of the winners looked so depressed, they could not even put together a smile. ToD looked like a fish out of water and had to be reminded that posing for pictures together meant he had to move. the Project Gotham Racing guys really looked as if they wanted to cry and were just waiting for Mummy to come pick them up. Aside from that was a shame so few players brought national flags to the stage.

ImageUnited Kingdom picked up the NationsCup with gold in two competitions, COmmand and Conquer3 & Dead or Alive and although the playing of our national anthem was a little cheesy was still a proud moment despite me having no idea the UK had done so well in the other competitions.

Well played UK! I find that there is more national pride in games that do not have a huge e-sports scene, I guess for CS and WC3 players its the amount on the "chequearooney", but there were some exceptions with fnatic waving a Swedish flag!

When the tourney was over it was a case of waiting a ridiculously long time for the tech guys of our game-tv crew to pack all their stuff. Meanwhile myself and the SK guys tries to pass the time while we waited for the last of the stuff from the booth be carted off.

Katzemann attempted to show off some football skills which backfired horribly, Carmac was running around chasing a tennis ball, like a kid trying to pass the time while his parents are busy chatting to some friends. He is quite a serious character but sometimes lapses into moments of kidishness!

I then suggested some "crew" photos of the 6 of us, although the one Pigvomit decided to upload I look horribly depressed in, I raised Lyn's cup with pride! Its quite a hefty cup and $20,000 for 1st place is quite sick. With everything packed up the SK Gaming crew departed, hugging them goodbye and Carmac deciding we should opt for a "Russian hug".

ImageReturning then to wait patiently for the Game-TV crew, I walked around to the Hall be torn to pieces, the magic destroyed reminding me this is just a big warehouse really. When all the guys were ready to go I collected all the free stuff I had gathered, t-shirts, mice, keyrings, caps and of course my Casino Royale DVD and suggested we go for a meal.

The Game-Tv composed by then of Quish, Lalle (boss of the crew), Munch + Dennis (tech guys) and myself. Demanding I want a Wiener Schnitzel we drove around failing to find a restaurant to meet my needs and in the end had to opt for the Italian restaurant near our apartment that Quish and I had been in for the last 3 nights.

The topic of conversation somehow moved to Television series and ultimately to Stargate. Quish obviously a Stargate fan was saying that the show was in its 10th series, to which Lalle replied "Stargate, they go through the door, kill some people, and come back, what the fuck".

I burst into laughter, Quish's face was priceless, Lalle then hammered it home with "OOO look there are some people with slightly bigger noses than us, lets kill them, ten seasons, what the fuck man". I by this point was close to tears, Quish however was close to levelling up his rage-o-meter.

After we walked back to our car, lalle stopped infront of a wall with graffiti all over it, we all turned and he said "oh my god, its the STARGATE!" Great guy Mr Lalle, hope to see him next year. Quish and I chatted a little as we packed, hopefully I can cast again with Quish it was an honour, I was fortunate enough to have him and Carmac giving me advice which really sets the bar high in terms of expectations.


Hope you all enjoyed the tales of CEBIT! I don't have any more events planned at the moment but if I do end up going on another journey, expect some more blogging and malystryx style coverage!

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