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"eins, SPEED, zwei, LINK!" Tales of CEBIT, day 3.

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Mar 10, 2008 23:06

ImageThe coverage of the CEBIT continues with tales of the 3rd day of SEC and EM in typical Malystryx style.

Saturday saw me with some time to spare although I had to cast FIFA! Considering the nervous shaking wreck I was in the "showmatches" on Thursday, Saturday went really well. Deciding that now I was here I should at least try to do a bloody good job! So Carmac was unavailable so my co-commentator for the first FIFA match was Quish who reminded me extensively that FIFA is a boring game cast.

However I did find myself getting into and talking at least 50% compared to the 20% when I had casted with Carmac. I think we did a relatively good job! The second FIFA cast I did with dignitas/Istvan, who is the #1 Danish FIFA player and it was through his input that I realised that FIFA does actually have some skill in it although not necessarily visible from a spectators point of view.

There is always the question of automation/skill, where one begins and the other one ends since the computer does control a hefty part of the action. Nevertheless I was starting to get into it!!!

ImageAfter one of the FIFA matches I found Peanut who I'd met at NGL-One and her brother Milos! I finally had some free time and also had some people to walk around with! Off we went to Hall 20 to find our mutual friend and an SK-Gaming profile of choice... GameSports.Soe!!!

She was in the ZOTAC booth, advertising the game adapation of the TV program lost which she admitted "sucked". She had to cast it and Peanut and I were slightly confused as to how she can cast when you cannot kill each other, or fight each other, you can just run through the forest.. thrilling!

She "hooked" all three of us up with some ZOTAC stuff, we dodged the crew of begging Germans, hohoho. The people at CEBIT can just smell free stuff and will congregate in seconds the moment they hear "einz, SPEED, zvei, LINK" with arms out stretched hoping to get whatever free stuff they can grab. Mios was a "fanboy" but I tried to get him some free stuff! He wanted to get into Extreme Masters but was dissapointed to find he was not allowed in since he was under 16!

There is confusion surrounding the EM/SEC as most people assume they were close to each other. For Thu/Fri the Extreme Masters was held outside of CEBIT, so a taxi journey awake, it came to the CEBIT on Saturday and Sunday but in a different hall which was sometimes policed by security guards.

ImageWhen comparing the two events, the ESL are more focused on the players and their environment, with only press with a special pass able to access the player area. So less effort is paid to make sure members of the public can see their favourite players or watch their matches comfortably, but for the players/press this setup is much more enjoyable.

SEC on the other hand is focused on the spectators and the viewing public, as you saw if you watched my casts, seats are available to anyone and everyone who wants to come and watch. There are no press passes to get into the Hall and the player area although only accessible to crew, players and press is clearly visible to anyone who wants to have a look at ToD or Grubby in the flesh.

The Counter-strike however was not visible to the public and since the matches were unable to be played on stage with a stream the SEC CS 1.6 tournament passed relatively unnoticed for the visiting fans.

From talking to people who are veterans in the field of event coverage such as Beeemit from Readmore or Lancia/Fayri from Fragbite a more quiet and peaceful setup is preferred to a massive crowd screaming at their favourite player.

ImageFor me personally although I'm a coverage person I suppose, I prefer that the public can see the players and really get involved with them. To me it seems a little pointless as the teams play online far from the public eye most of the time, I want to see the top player who can succeed under real pressure such as the gaze of 100 fanboys, drooling at his every click.

Although a disadvantage of the openness of CEBIT compared to for example NGL is that there are so many people wandering about, finding someone specific is almost impossible. I spent very little time talking to Warcraft3 players simply because they came, played their matches, then dissapeared.

The coverage people were the same, migrating between Extreme Masters and the Press Centre at SEC. Add in the VIP area and the player area as well as tons of booths, hot boothbabes and hundreds of people walking around, you can picture just how crazy it is.

Image With my spare time I'd wander into the SK booth, manned by the real men who keep the SK Gaming machine running smoothly.

Most of you users might only know Katzemann (right) from his intermitent posts regarding sponsors or competitions but he along with Lenni (in charge of the SK Shop), Killabee (SK Finances) plus Merusame (Player management) who left on Friday kept the SK Booth active and the visitors happy.

Being able to go to the SK booth when I wasn't casting was pretty cool, it was infact Game-TV who sent me to the event as a commentator but I still tried my best to provide some content for you guys here on SK!

Saturday evening was taken up by some DOTAing with the game-tv guys, as well as a good trip to the Razer booth "party" for some free red bull, an extremely cool Razer bag (thanks Arelene Koh) and a good chat with Kepler of MYM. We had a little chat about MYM and his position within the company (co-head), it is always interesting to talk to people who have been "in the game" for a long time and effectively built the teams and clans we have grown so used to seeing.

I took my leave as the SoA guys came to chat to him and returned to my DOTA game, to find luckily Game-TV master Lalle was controlling my hero! Quish and I then had the infamous 1 versus 1 which I uploaded the video from. Quish takes gaming SERIOUSLY and having already given up on our first 1 versus 1, lost his temper as I bought the staff of teleportation from the shop before he did making him unable to get out and thus forcing him to lose his hero.

"Its the German version in the fucking game" cries Quish, the game-tv admins wanting to go home were spraying the back of his neck and just like Poke the Penguin, Quish's temper flared up after a few too many "pokes". Quish is a really friendly guy but you would not want to be his enemy!

After that we went home and Quish and I went to the Italian restaurant near our apartment for the 3rd night in a row, enjoying some tomato soup and pizza.

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