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A song of Mechanics and Rotations: SK in LCS W2

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Jun 5, 2014 12:56

ImageLast week we had a couple of upsets. Although it seemed like any team could beat each other, these two action packed games gave us but just a small glance of what the standings might look like during the next weeks.

With the first week being over, we’ve seen some ups and downs from our SK.LoL lineup. Even though they slipped every now and then, they managed to take home more victories than defeats in order to end up in the upper half of the rankings for week 2.
SK Gaming vs. Roccat

Unlike last split, PL Roccat seem to struggle early on in this. Jankos himself stated that they are the weakest team in the LCS at the moment. While most people would take a negative approach to that statement, he mentioned that it actually helps them. Being down motivates them to get back up.
SK's first game was a slow one to start. Every lane kept farming early, until it hit EU SK Gaming. Suddenly, the team went aggressive and got some impressive kills. This brought them into a freezing snowball. The game turned out to be a low kill game with some occasional DE Candy Panda highlight plays. Yet another game in which SK showed their strong team-based playstyle. As for the pace overall of the game, if you had to compare it to a cookie recipe, it'd go like this: Add a teaspoon of objective focused gaming; add a bowl of a snowballing team and finally pour a fed Candy Panda in it and get a taste of a delicious game.

SK Gaming vs. Alliance
After beating Roccat, SK looked pretty comfortable. However, the next match up was a very important one, because it decided who would take over first place early on. Both EU Alliance and SK seemed pretty strong and therefore this match was sure to be a thriller.

Game two however did not start of as good as the first one for SK. The German bot lane came out on the short end, in an early level brawl they gave up a 2v2 firstblood. From this kill on, every SK lane seemed to collapse and lose. It looked like Alliance were going to dominate their enemies throughout the whole game. Somehow though, SK Gaming managed to a win a very well played fight and showed a gleam of hope.

Even thought the gold difference was quite high, it did not seem like an uneven fight at all. Eventually, SK managed to take over the driver seat and went on to be the dominant team. However, Candy Panda's Twitch got caught while trying to sneak up on somebody, which forced his team to fight an already lost team-fight. As Alliance managed to run over the enemy, they managed to finish an exciting game.

If you want to check the current standings in the EU LCS, you can do so here. Also don't forget to cheer for our boys as they take on Millenium tonight at 19:00 CEST.



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