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Cast hard, go PRO

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Mar 7, 2008 18:30

ImageMore tales of a SEC tournament in the distant land of CEBIT from yours truely. A drunk co-commentator, a quest to get into the press centre and a bet with a favourite player are just some of the topics!

Day 2 of the tournament is at an end for me but let me begin by what happened last night. As some of you may have seen, roccat hosted a little party which results in Quish having one too many drinks and performing some hardcore dance moves.

Following this we went home with Quish very talkative, clever boy Lalle from Game-TV just replied "yes" to Quish´s ramblings. The best way to deal with someone after they`ve had a good few drinks and in particular when they had failed to "score a booth babe".

As we reached home Quish and I went to find food, we went into a pizzeria and luckily my Italian served me well and I was able to order in Italian since I could not read the menu in German. Unfortunately Quish slightly pissed although it was wearing off by then asked for meat on his pizza, I found one that matched the criteria however it also contained... sardines.

What followed was a collection of Quish´s many faces of disgust as he toiled to complete the pizza he had paid for, while I was trying to avoid unnecessary attention!

ImageThe main struggle of yesterday was not the casting but getting into the press room. Una one of the SEC admins had been given strict instructions to only let press in despite me holding a crew badge.

I was able to get into VIP and PLayer Area but not the press lounge? I pleaded my case several times on the day, even offering a twix in exchange with letting me in. Luckily my waiting paid off as she left as CEBIT closed to the public at 6pm and I snuck in, a fact I gladly mentioned to her today.

Thankfully Yosh one of the heads at Game-TV (company im casting for) explained to her to let Crew in as well, I smiled gleefully as we both knew I had won the battle! Maly 1, Una 0.

Today (Friday) was marked by two Game-TV guys forgetting their passes to get in, rather amusingly Quish had been telling lalle while in his drunken state that "fing is Mahn, u gotta tell da peopl menny thimes.. the same thing.. ya know.. so they remember importnt stuf", lalle as usual had replied "ok". Quish was one of the ones who forgot his pass, much to his dismay and embarassment, I guess the pros even make mistakes and would have benefited from having been reminded of the basics of "do you have your pass?"

ImageWe casted two Warcraft3 matches today and I seem to be making progress, suceeding in talking louder which was the main concern but I still have not managed to be relaxed enough to insert my own humour. Cast hard, go pro! The crowd was responding and I think we highlighted the most exciting moments, more people will be listening the next 2 days so I need to step the game up!

The Hasuhasi game versus SaSe the 2nd game we cast was ridiculously one sided with SaSe having a lvl 5 Dark Ranger versus a Level 1 Death Knight in the first game. To be fair though Hasuhasi is not claiming to be a pro but hopefully enjoyed the experience admitting post-match that even with training he would never have won.

I met some people from the "scene" including PGS.Lloth who much like his fellow Dutchman Zerter, likes to be a badass online but when you meet them in real life they are actually quite tame. I´m slowly starting to get recognised by players and fellow writers which is a little shocking but at the same time rewarding to know not only the general public read my stuff.

I met the rumour duo from, Lancia from Fragbite despite her good looks has yet to earn a place on my E-Sports legend list after leaving me behind and dashing off to Extreme Masters!! It takes a true legend to earn a spot on that list! There is a huge similarity with the coverage people at events; Cassandra, The1crow, Beeemit, Lancia, etc... I think for many coverage people the novelty of the tournaments has worn off, for me it is still like WOOOOOOOOOOOW! I guess a bit of fresh blood can`t hurt.

ImageI ran into my favourite player... PGS.Zeus! I told him that him and team-mate Fury were my favourite players, he said I was mocking them! I won 10 euros off him as we made a bet on the Ciara vs Slh match that was on the main stage, I bet 10 euros that Ciara would win while he bet that his team-mate slH would win. 2-1 to Ciara means I could buy myself a Red Bull and a twix, thanks Zeus.

A huge part of E-Sports is earning respect from the players and writers, one thing you must avoid doing is being a "fanboy", i.e. idolising them too much or being too complimentary. These guys have received this kind of attention many many times, you do not want to be begging to them for attention, if they consider you worthy they will talk to you. Respect is earnt not given, my tip to any fan who wishes to come to CEBIT or any other event to talk to their favourite player!

Do something for your community and anyone in the scene will recognise you for what YOU did, that is the best way to earn respect in E-Sports, through your own actions not the glorification of other peoples.

ImageFIFA casting was ok yesterday but the thing I find hard is when you are giving people listening to your cast esentially "fake" excitement. I find it no problem if the ball is near the goal of each player but when it is being knocked about in the middle of the pitch, that is when it gets hard. Commentating is esentially sometimes fake which is what is sometimes hard for me to accept but when you see the crowd clapping or shouting in excitement, it seems a small price to pay to be a little bit "fake" if it makes the people watching happy or excited.

That is what made me step up the game today, when you see people cheering when a Hero dies or players do a block and they clap, it means your casting well, your putting the attention on the actions which are the most important. Through your excitement or voice you`ve told them that THIS was a good move. I think as the event goes on I will get better, whether I will continue casting? Unsure, it is certainly a great experience in particular with calming my initial stage fright to the point I can look at the crowd and not think.. "oh bollocks thats a lot of people".

Tomorrow we are to cast SaSe vs Xlord in the morning at 10am CET, all details about coverage can be found in the SEC coverage item.

I´m quite busy at the event but if you guys like these kind of reports/coverage then...
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