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Hello Italy, "We are Hungary"

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Mar 6, 2008 20:36

ImageBlogging continues in the form of a coverage with pictures included for good measure, hear of the female presenter´s blunder, ownitsch, ELC & more.

Spare time presents itself once again after sending off some e-mails to my beloved girlfriend and family. The opening ceremony for the event is now over, the crowds have dissapeared, only a Roccat party is left gathering E-Sportsers, boothbabes and perverts.

To be honest the music is right up my alley, respect to the DJ although the atmosphere is too smoky for me to be in for too long! Amazing how after smoking was banned in UK and Italy how now when a smoky atmosphere presents itself its all the more shocking!

The opening ceremony was pretty cool apart from a REALLY stupid mistake by the female presenter, in SEC a handful of players will carry their country`s flag onto the stage. Once assembled the female presenter tried to do a bit of showboating by saying:

Female Presenter: "Bonjourno Italy, how are you?"
Player replies: "We`re Hungary"
Female Presenter "er.. THATS GREAT!"

Unfortunately it did not cover up for the horrendous mistake.There were some "breakdancers" who did reasonably well, followed by the usual official pleasantries of Mr Samsung saying thankyou to the E-Sports fans, and mr SEC saying thankyou to Samsung.

ImageFollowing this was a great moment for me to test out my Wii Golf skills, I was planning to play against Quish but instead played against two businessmen. The booth babe gave us a webcam for the winner, respect.

I`m actually quite pro at Wii Golf but the special "golf Wii control" was a bit dodgy but I managed to sneak the win! hohohohoho! I also got some nice SK stuff to wear round the event! So far, so good!

The meeting for the E-Sports League of Champions was at 6pm with a handful of zealots and a few other coverage sites representatives. It was pretty cool to be in a official press release with only about 10-15 people in attendance.

The league as I newsed seems it has big aims, the fact each teams receives money for each stage of the competition was what struck me the most. I finally met Mr Sam Matthews, it was via him I saw the news about Fnatic`s new wc3 line-up, bloody hell what a coup to grab all those players and take We are Go´s Wc3l spot.

ImageI digress, Ownitsch (former sk.wc3 organiser) is here by the way. He´s the admin for the Warcraft3 tournament. This will apparently be his last tournament deciding to focus on his studies.

It is a shame that to the E-Sports community he will forever be remembered by Deadman`s "Ownitsch is retard" and not for the effort he put into organising events in particular in Germany. A cruel scene we live in that people`s reputations are dictated by retards, no pun intended.

The SEC / Extreme Masters timetabling seems to be something that needs to be closely managed as both events are in different locations, 10-15 minutes away from each other and many of the same players are competing in both tournaments. Hopefully this will not affect the commentating schedule too much.

ImageBooth babes galore are here, Razor are fielding the best team so far with hot pants and a booth that looks like an opium drug den. I´m sure some dodgy stuff is going down in there, I´ll take some photos tomorrow for proof!

Check out left, the girlfriend of the guy is clearly on the right thinking Gods sake I don´t want to see this!

A successful day with more yet to come, hopefully I will get over the nervousness and improve on cast! :D It will be time to run my mouth!! Hope you tune in for SEC and check out our galleries here on SK. If your at CEBIT don´t hesitate to come find me! I´ll be easy to find!

I´ll do coverages from now on so I can include pictures but check out my first blog here.

I´m quite busy at the event but if you guys like these kind of reports/coverage then...
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